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A More Positive and Confident you this summer

After what has seemed like a winter that was never going to end, the summer is finally on the way. We have all been cooped up for far too long, and we are willing to bet that you have several dates circled on your calendar for vacations, special events (it is wedding season after all) and meeting up with the people who are closest to you for some much-needed fun and relaxation. However, the summer can be difficult for people who find it hard to summon their self-confidence or feel easily overwhelmed.

Confidence is one of those really tricky issues that can seem impossible to get a handle on. One day you might be doing fine, feeling like you are on top of the world and ready to handle anything. The next, you just feel like you want to curl up under the covers and hide from the world for a while. It is important to note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some time just for you, but there is no reason to feel like you can’t get out there and live your best life. There are a few steps that you can think about to give your confidence a boost this summer and step out into the world with a spring in your step. Let’s get started.

Start Small If You Need To

We all remember how hard it was for some people to get back into the big wide world after all the months that we had to spend inside. Now that things are back to normal and everything from cafes and bars to stadiums and amusement parks are open again, you might assume that there is no reason to still feel this way. However, it is not always easy to tell our brains that there is no reason to worry. If you are finding it hard to summon the confidence to enjoy a night on the town with your friends, for example, then think about how you could start small. 

Do not be afraid to ask people for a change of plans. You may be surprised by how many people feel exactly the same way as you. Suggest going out for a mid-morning coffee instead of a crazy night out, for example. 

Stop Putting Things Off

When we are feeling overwhelmed or suffering from a loss of confidence, we can sometimes feel like we simply do not have the time to look after ourselves. If you have a mental list of things that you have been meaning to take care of, then it is time to write it down. You will find that the list is a lot less intimidating than you thought it was.

So many of us put off taking better care of our teeth. But if you have been meaning to look at straightening your teeth for a long time because you have been worried about a trip to the dentist or paying for an expensive service, it does not have to be that complicated. It is also important to remember that there is no age limit for braces. One of the simplest and most cost-effective options out there is invisible braces. These dental braces are made from a mold of your teeth, and as the name suggests, they are clear. To learn more about how invisible braces work and why they may be the best option for you, visit ALIGNERCO. They offer a free assessment, and they have great customer reviews for their service which allows you to straighten your teeth while you sleep.

Look At Your Diet

When we are feeling worried or anxious, many of us make choices in our diet that we know we probably should not. We eat lots of sugar, we drink a lot of coffee, and we tend to have an alcoholic drink or two more than we maybe should. While these things are all fine in moderation, they have a number of less than great effects if you start to have too much. Not only are they bad for your body, but they can also impact your mood. For example, we know that eating too much sugar can lead to weight gain and dental issues, but you need to remember that there is always going to be a crash if you eat too much. 

And speaking of crashes, drinking too much caffeine will lead to you crashing sooner rather than later. Overdoing it on caffeinated beverages is also not going to help with anxiety, as it will raise your blood pressure. It will also impact your sleep, which is never a good way to start the day feeling confident. When it comes to alcohol, many people use having a drink as a way to give themselves a bit of courage before doing something that they feel nervous about. However, in addition to the many health risks of having too much to drink, you also need to remember that alcohol will also impact your sleep and that it is a depressant. While it may give you a short-term boost, there have been many studies that show that you are more likely to feel anxious if you drink too much.

Talk To Your Friends And Loved Ones About How You Are Doing

One of the most difficult things about suffering from a lack of confidence is the feeling of isolation that comes with it. It is all too easy to end up closing ourselves off from the people in our lives if we feel like we are not at our best. However, one of the best ways to help get yourself back on track is with the support of your loved ones. Think about how you would react if a friend or loved one told you that they were struggling with their confidence. Remember that there are people out there who want to support you and who will do whatever it takes to help you to feel like yourself again. If you feel like you really can’t talk to anyone in your life, then you may want to consider talking to a professional.

Get Into A Routine

Something as simple as getting up early enough to have a shower, a proper breakfast and maybe even a jog before you start work can make a huge difference to how you feel at the start of the day. While being in great shape may not be the ultimate answer to feeling more confident, exercising does release endorphins which will improve your mood. You should also remember that sunshine has a major impact on our mental health, so we should all be doing our best to get out into the fresh air as much as possible this summer.

Own Your Accomplishments

Finally, one of the most important things that you can do to feel more confident is to look at how far you have come. We have all been through so much over the last couple of years, and it is incredible to think about everything that we have overcome. Whether it is your professional accomplishments or the friendships you have made and maintained, be honest with yourself about how well you have done, even if you do not feel like you are doing great right now. 

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