Trucking Accidents: How Do You Prove Who Is At Fault?

Many truck companies, along with many drivers, always maintain safety regulations and safe conduct. At the same time, there are also some who knowingly, willfully break the regulation and operate negligently. A normal passenger vehicle does not match with an 18 wheeler 80,000-pound truck. In case the commercial truck is not well maintained or dangerously …

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Health and Wellness

The new life with a mask

The regulations to contain and give time for researchers to discover how the Coronavirus really acted, made the use of masks become mandatory. The use of masks became mandatory in public spaces for all people not exempt due to age or health issues if the required safety distance of two meters could not be guaranteed. …

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Everything You Need for the Perfect Beach Day

Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time to try on the newest swimsuit fashions, buy some heavy-duty sunscreen and pack your bags because you’re going to the beach. Whether it is a solo day by the ocean, a getaway with your girls or a family trip with the kids, packing the right items can make or …

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