Gothic Victorian dresses in modern style

Temporary, when gothic dresses caused bewilderment among others already in the past. Today, you can find stylish, gloomy outfits on the street more and more. This style is used not only for Halloween and themed holidays. 

Girls choose the gothic Victorian dress for a wedding, meeting with friends, or just as a daily outfit. Modern gothic fashion allows you to combine different textures and shades, add new colors, and not just go in black. It is a fantastic style that makes for a dark and mysterious look. Gothic Victorian dresses are the perfect foundation for a feminine gothic wardrobe. With the help of additional accessories, you can create some amazing looks that will cause enthusiastic exclamations from those around you.

How to wear Victorian gothic dresses

Dresses in the Victorian style are striking in their beauty and variety. They can have both fluffy skirts and a strict, restrained silhouette. The costume can be decorated with embroidery or decorative elements, or be without them at all.

The Victorian gothic dress can be used as an independent detail of the image. You need to add shoes and accessories, and the idea is ready. Or you can combine the dress with:

  • corsets;
  • belts;
  • shirts;
  • additional skirts;
  • jackets.

Under the short sleeve dress, you can choose a romantic shirt to create a gentle gothic look. Various boleros, capes, and raincoats will help to stylize the outfit and make it more exciting and modern. This way, you will create a layered look characteristic of the Gothic style.

Separately, it is worth noting that not all modern Victorian dresses are floor-length. You don’t have to decide maxi to create a gothic look. You can opt for a short outfit that will show off your legs. By adding massive accessories and matching shoes, you will definitely attract the attention of everyone around you. Original pantyhose will be the final note of the image.

It is worth knowing that gothic and sports are incompatible things. Yes, it is fashionable to wear dresses with sneakers today. But a gothic Victorian dress with sneakers looks strange and even ridiculous. Suppose you do not like heels and prefer rough, massive shoes. It will create a coherent and complete image.

How to create the perfect gothic look

The Victorian dress will be an excellent basis for a gothic look. When creating an outfit, follow these tips:

  • pay attention to details;
  • use different materials;
  • add accessories;
  • don’t be afraid to experiment.

You can collect many looks if you have a minimalist Victorian gothic dress. For example, a designer corset and a high hairstyle will create an image of a strict countess. Light curls and minimalism of jewelry will make you an innocent, romantic girl.

Feel free to use materials with different structures. The gothic dress goes well with rough, voluminous jackets, spikes, and aggressive jewelry. Don’t be afraid to add elements with embroidery and patterns. They will make the image more exciting and cause a desire to consider every detail.

To create the best impression, choose the highest quality items. A dress made of suitable materials will perfectly emphasize the figure and will not hinder movement.

Dark tones predominate in the Gothic style. But your outfit doesn’t have to be all black. You can choose a navy blue or cherry dress. Combining black shoes and a corset will create a gloomy look and emphasize your aristocratic pallor.

Modern fashion and trends allow you to experiment with clothes and style boldly. You don’t have to wait for a ball to wear a luxurious Victorian dress. You can style it and create a trendy look for every day or an important event.

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