Health and Wellness

The Benefits of Traveling

  Traveling to places in the world that you have never visited before may seem daunting, overwhelming, and even scary. While there are some dangers of traveling, almost all of them can be drastically reduced or eliminated by choosing the right destinations, planning your trip well, and taking the right safety precautions. If you travel …

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Gifting mom

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to spoil your mom and prove how much you love her. Yet, you might be struggling to find a present she would love to unwrap underneath the Christmas tree. Don’t settle for a boring candle or book. Bring a big smile to your mom’s face with one of the following …

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The Do's and Don'ts of Outfit Selections in Summer

Formal Fall Fashion Trends

The leaves have gone from green to gold, there’s a delicious crispness in the air, and your social calendar is empty of pool parties, barbecues, and corn-hole competitions.  That’s right, summer is over—it’s time for a more sophisticated season to unfold.  From elegant autumn weddings to white tablecloth family Thanksgiving dinners, fall is full of …

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Kriyya Hair wig

Black Friday: Kriyya Hair Big Sale

  Wigs have been around for many years now, thanks to the variety of functionality and freedom they give you. Whether it is started from the ancient Egyptians who used wigs as a protection against the sunlight, to the 16th-century men who used wigs to hide unchecked hair loss, wigs have proved their importance overall …

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Dress your home stylish this Black Friday 2020

Let’s start by thinking about all the spaces around us, our drawing-room, our bedroom, our dining room, and so on. Every space speaks for itself, as it has got a specific setting. Like a dining room will have a dining table, a bedroom will have a bed and other elements, your living room or the …

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Vaginal health
Health and Wellness

Are Vaginal tightening creams safe to use?

  As women grow in age, their lives and bodies go through many changes. Bearing a child and becoming a mother are a part of these changes. Undergoing such experiences can alter your way of life and disturb its normal functioning. A very significant side effect of the above-mentioned experiences is the loosening of the …

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Gum Health
Health and Wellness

5 Strategies to Keep Your Gums Healthy

  Your gums play a vital role in forming a tight seal around your teeth and supporting the bones, as well as providing a barrier to bacteria. This means that it’s vital you take excellent care of your gums, such as by brushing after meals and daily flossing. However, it’s estimated that 22.9% of the …

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