Business Ideas for Women Under $1000

Business Ideas for Women Under $1000

Who runs the world? Girls! Career has become very important for women nowadays. Many girls out there want to be their own boss. However, most of them are afraid to make any moves because they feel that any business requires a lot of money to start. However, there are plenty of business moves you can make without that much cash at your disposal. Also, it’s important to know that girl power is taking over the world, so you shouldn’t be afraid of taking the initiative. If you make the right moves and believe in yourself, there’s no need to be afraid. So, let’s go through some of the great business ideas for women under $1000 and see how you can become part of the female entrepreneurship world.


Before you start…

Before going through these amazing business ideas for women under $1000, you need to understand that there are things more important than money. The right attitude and skill to run a business wisely are the attributes that will lead your business to success. So, before you pick a career and start making plans be sure to know that:

  • women are better at multi-tasking than men – you shouldn’t worry about the additional work you’ll need to do because you are strong enough to perfectly manage work and family.
  • keep improving yourself – we’ve mentioned that money isn’t the only factor in starting a business. As long as you keep improving yourself by learning new skills and expanding your business knowledge, you’ll be able to run the business much more easily and successfully. 
  • failure is okay – but not taking risks isn’t. It’s important to know that problems and failures that happen along the way are absolutely fine. Failure is just another piece of experience that is precious for your entrepreneurship skills. 
  • planning is essential – whatever you do, and no matter how big or small your business is, be sure to have a plan. Having a clear idea of your goals will make you go further and do more for your business. 
  • don’t forget to care about yourself – running a business is not easy and can make you forget about yourself. Be sure to take a look at the self-care guide for busy moms and find a way to be healthy and happy so you can run your business more successfully. 


What are the best business ideas for women under $1000?

Even though $1000 may not be a lot of money, it’s definitely enough to start a business. Yes, it’s possible to become your own boss with this amount of money. Here are some great business ideas for women under $1000 you can choose from and start making plans today.


1. Social Media Manager

Social media managers can make a lot of money these days, since social networks have become important for businesses
Social media managers can make a lot of money these days since social networks have become important for businesses

This job is perfect for all those women who enjoy spending time using social media and have enough experience with the most popular social networks. Social media is one of the most important factors in many businesses nowadays, and this trend has created a new business idea – a social media manager of your own.

Starting a company that can run social media profiles of other businesses is perfect for all women who have marketing skills and enjoy social media. Most importantly, it’s not expensive to start. As it can be a job you can do from home, there’s no need to have a dedicated office space you need to pay.

What you need to invest in is social media management software, a business license and of course – a computer. All of these items will definitely cost you less than a hundred dollars.


2. Writer and publisher

Women are known to be very inspiring and creative. Therefore, if you’ve always wanted to write a book, now is the time to do it. All you need is a good idea for your book and creativity to write it down.

You can publish a book using a free publishing service on Amazon, for example, and earn up to 70% royalty on sales. 


3. Event planner

Planning weddings and other events is one of the great business ideas for women under $1000
Planning weddings and other events is one of the great business ideas for women under $1000

Another business idea that doesn’t cost a lot to start is being a wedding planner. This is one of the perfect business ideas for women since females are much better with décor, wedding dresses, and organization.

You can also be an expert in planning bachelorette parties, birthdays and other social events. Be sure to get a business license and educate yourself with the help of a mentor. With a good marketing strategy, your business will be up and running in no time.


4. Jewellery creator

Having a style can really pay off. If you are in love with earrings, necklaces or other accessories – why don’t you try making them?

You’ll need to invest some money in tools, wires, beads, and other supplies, and start making your own, unique pieces. The easiest way to sell them is online – try running a sponsored Instagram profile to reach more customers or use other websites like Etsy.


5. Catering business

Catering business

The advantage of running a catering company is that you can be as small or big as you like. This means you can easily start with a budget of less than $1000 and start with servicing smaller events and companies.

You’ll need some money for the groceries so you can prepare the food for the first clients, and then you can continue to grow by investing the income in some bigger and more challenging events.


6. Professional organizer

If you love a neat and organized home, and you love watching organizing videos on social networks – this job is perfect for you. It’s definitely one of the great business ideas for women under $1000 since you basically need other people’s mess to start working.

Another advantage is that you don’t need a certificate or official training – you need your ‘natural’ organizing skill and a will to do this job. The best way to promote your services is to start creating a portfolio by tidying your home, helping your friends clothes, garages, etc.

Find small jobs you can do to present your skills. Another thing you can do is to start a blog or social media profile about this – start sharing your organizational tips and tricks that people can find interesting. 

Even though it may be a challenge to find clients, try promoting yourself to the specific people and situation. For example, people need organized spaces when moving their homes and offices.

Decluttering can come as a difficult thing to do for many – so, you can act as a motivator here as well. Help people say goodbye to their items and make a perfectly organized space ready to be their new home. 


7. Personal fitness trainer

Personal fitness trainer

All those hours you’ve spent at the gym can finally pay off. It’s good to get some kind of certification, but if you already have some – it’s much easier to start.

Promote your services by running a social network profile so you can reach more local people. Start building your career of a personal trainer right away!


8. Moving home or office space when starting a business

When talking about moving, the relocation of your home or office space is not always easy. It is often time-consuming and tiring, especially if you have a family and a business to take care of. 

If one of these business ideas requires you to move to a bigger or smaller space, be sure to find an affordable, yet professional moving company like Spending a certain budget on a business idea might not leave you a lot for the moving process, but with the right mover, you don’t need to break the bank to get professional relocation services. 

Among many business ideas, you actually need to find something you love and you are good at.


Other tips on starting a business as a woman

If you decide to invest your money in one of the great business ideas for women under $1000, be prepared for the process. As an aspiring woman entrepreneur, don’t forget to:

  • test different options – don’t stick to one field of work or a group of people. Feel free to experiment with your skills and find the best work option for you.
  • always have goals – no matter how successful you become, be sure to always have some realistic higher goals that will make you improve yourself and do better.
  • be with someone who supports you – running a business shouldn’t mean that you have to choose between love or family and business. If you choose a partner that understands and supports you, your work challenges will become much easier. 
  • trust your gut – women are known to have these secret senses that help them make the best choices for their future. However, it’s often hard to hear your own voice because of the many outside factors. Trust yourself and value your opinion, while considering the opinions of others.
  • connect with other women in business – whatever field of work you choose, you’ll be able to find similar female entrepreneurs to network with. Be sure to participate in local events, join their groups and offer to collaborate. Helping each other makes women stronger and more secure in what they do.
  • Sell unique/customised items – Customised and unique items have recently gained popularity. From printed stationery to home and decor items and bobble head dolls to custom jewellery, you can pick any product you like and can easily sell it online.

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