The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Bachelorette Party 

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Bachelorette Party 

Every soon-to-be-married has got her perspective towards her bachelorette party. Some might want a wild, fun, kind of party and some might want it to be an intimate affair with some close family and friends, laughing over old memories.

Some may want it to be something different, something beyond the conventional notion behind the bachelorette party. Planning a bachelorette can be so much fun. With all your friends and cousins sitting in a circle, coming up with new ideas and some of the ideas won’t even make any sense.

This whole process of planning would involve an insufficient amount of mocking and laughter. Bachelorette party is important not only because it marks the end of your bachelor’s life but also it helps to bring old friends and family together.

Whatever it is that you would want your bachelorette party to be like, there are a few things which are imperative as the guide to planning your party

So let’s look at the few things that would help you in planning your long-awaited bachelorette party.

1. Planning A Budget

Before deciding on anything, you need to set a predetermined budget. Planning a budget is very important as it will only determine your other decisions involving the place; whether you can have a destination party or not, decisions involving the food and drinks; how many items can you stick in the menu and the guest list; whether you can invite all of those old friends or you will have to cut a few members off the list.

Planning a budget will also provide you with a clear vision. It will help you in clearing the web of confusion which is formed in your head. But just planning a budget is not enough, you need to make sure to stick to the budget as well.

So, you need to be very well aware of your budget to avoid any sort of last-minute confusion. 


2. Deciding The Venue

Deciding The Venue

Now since you have planned a budget, already. It will become very easy to decide whether you can afford a destination party or not. Even if you are planning to plan a destination party, whether the place you have in your mind is falling under your budget.

If you are not in favour of a destination party, you can choose any place in your area which you think will be suitable for you and fall under your budget or you can even have a party at your house.

But keep in mind the after-party mess which you will have to clean up if you decide to keep the party at your house. In case you do plan a party at your house, we suggest using Merritt Supply to ensure your house looks spick and span again.

Deciding a venue in advance is very important as there are always chances of the pre-booking rush. Also, if you have guests coming from outstations, you need to give them sufficient time to plan their trip. So make sure that you have already decided on the venue. 


3. Having A Theme 

The theme has become essentiality in any kind of party. It just adds more fun and makes the party more likely.

So you have set the budget and decided your venue, which puts you off two major things from your list. The next is deciding whether or not you would like your bachelorette as a theme-based party? The theme has become essentiality in any kind of party. It just adds more fun and makes the party more likely.

So, having a theme for a bachelorette party can be put into consideration. A theme doesn’t have to be anything gigantic, you can just set a dress code for the party or have a particular sort of decoration and that would be it.

You are free to add your personal touch to the party. It is not necessary to have a theme, it is just a personal choice. Before, you move onto the next step, think whether you would prefer a theme for your bachelorette party. 


4. The Guest List

This forms the most important thing for your bachelorette party. What kind of people you invite for your party is very crucial as these are the only people who can turn a party into a happening one or would make everyone just sit in the corner with a drink in their hand.

So, make sure to invite people who are positive and open-minded because you don’t want the negative and closed-minded people to ruin the entire party along with your mood. Also, your guest list will help in determining a lot of other things.

One thing to keep in mind that if you invite 50 people for your party, almost half the people will not RSVP for the party and even if they do, some might not even show up. So, the guest list does form the basis of your party. 


5. Food And Beverages

Food and drinks are mandatory for any party.

This is one thing you probably cannot escape from. Food and drinks are mandatory for any party. Not just food, lots of food. Also, it should be more than just appetizers. It should be something which is stomach filling.

Now you must pick a cuisine which will be liked by everyone. Something common, which no one will dislike. Picking something that only you would like is not an option for the party. Along with the food comes beverages. There have to be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

You don’t want the people who don’t have alcohol to sit with an empty glass. Also, make sure that there is enough for everyone; that is having enough quantity. You don’t by any chance want to be running out of food or drinks because this can be an embarrassing scenario. So, make sure to properly plan your menu.


6. Strippers Or No?

People have realized that bachelorette parties are beyond strippers.

Strippers were the foundation of a bachelorette party. Earlier, it was very common to find a stripper in any bachelorette party. But that is not the case anymore. People have realized that bachelorette parties are beyond strippers.

Nowadays, the ground rule of a party is not having a stripper but having fun. Having a stripper or not has become more like a personal preference than a mandatory thing.

So, if you are planning your party, it is totally up to you whether or not you would like a stripper or not and if you plan to have one, make sure that you are having a party in the country where stripping is not considered illegal because you don’t want to end up in any sort of trouble or live with the fear of being caught, just a few days before your wedding. 


7. Remember To Have Fun

Remember To Have Fun

The whole purpose of this bachelorette party is to have fun, laugh and enjoy. It is to revive all of those old memories and laugh over some lame stories. Amongst all of this planning, you need to make sure that you are having fun at your bachelorette.

So, don’t choose anything with which you are not comfortable. Also, keep in mind to not be the only person taking over the responsibility. Make sure to have someone, you can rely on as your partner for planning the party. You don’t have to necessarily do something grand for fun.

It could be just a few of your friends going to a club and dancing till your feet start to pain or it could be being at home and playing the game of charades or twister with your close pals. As long as you can enjoy at the moment, as long as you along with your friends have a smile on your faces, you have just thrown one of those memorable bachelorette parties. 


8. Make Sure Everyone’s On Board

So you have decided on the place. You have decided on the menu for food and drinks as well. All the decisions have been made but in the end, you need to make sure that everyone who is a part of your bachelorette party is in alignment with your decisions.

You obviously cannot keep everyone’s desires. That is not even practically possible. Some might want you to throw a party in Vegas and some might want you to do something completely illegal. Of course, you cannot say yes to any of those things unless you are in approval with it.

But you can always come up with a solution. Something like a compromise that falls in the middle of everyone’s desire. 

Why it is important to make sure that everyone’s on board because these are the people who will bring life to the party, if by any chance they are not convinced with your plans, then it might turn out to be a little different than what you must have thought. So, remember to respect everyone’s opinion and come up with the best possible compromise. 

In the end, it is your bachelorette party. It is you who has to make all the decisions. What is that you would like to do on that day. Whether you would like it to be something huge or something cosy. Think it keeping aside all the pressure and tension.

Everyone has got their personal preferences. You don’t have to have the stereotypical party. You can bring in some of your flavours. Some of your ideas. Give it your unique touch. Just make sure that you agree with all of the choices that you have made in planning your bachelorette party. 

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