Modern Women's Guide to Power-dressing in a Saree

Modern Women’s Guide to Power-dressing in a Saree

Gone are the days when in sarees were looked at as demure and quiet housewives. Sarees today are the equivalent of power suits that are worn by women all across industries.

Whether you are sitting in a boardroom meeting or having a simple conversation over coffee, sarees can be worn by women almost everywhere. The top female bosses in India have embraced the saree as a new way of dressing and moved away from western outfits. 

Let’s take, for example, Indra Nooyi, Naina Lal Kidwai, Chanda Kochar and many more corporate female leaders of our country, love to wear the saree. Not just at work, but also at public seminars, when they go abroad, formal occasions and more.

Wearing a saree is not only about culture and tradition, but it is also about being able to connect with your ethnic roots while being away from home and not letting other cultures influence your choice of clothes.

Sarees help women stand out among the dull western suits while presenting the country to the entire world. Many of the Business schools have moved to Saree as their formal compulsory dress for final placements. Wearing a simple Saree can make you look confident for the interview.

There are many women who are super comfortable wearing both handmade sarees and western suits. The sense of equality that the suit gives them is unmatched when it comes to wearing a saree, although sarees still make a glamorous choice for any formal occasion related to work and business decisions. What’s not to love in a Saree?

The younger generation of leaders feel differently than the older generation and are more inclined towards wearing pantsuits or skirt suits while acing the boardroom game. In today’s day and age, the younger female CEO’s of the country feel that the western power dress can help them match the status quo, with the others present on the board.

What they do not seem to pay attention to is that equality will only come when you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Sarees are so much more than just garments worn by women in the house.

They are no more to be interpreted as the outfit that is difficult to drape, extremely traditional and only meant for women who do not handle large businesses and companies. 

Essentially the reasons why sarees have this amazing capacity to adapt to any place is that they are available in a range of colours and textures. In terms of colour, one ought to choose for office should always be light, pastels, non-flowery, basic solids that are not too glossy or overly bright.  

The fantastic thing about sarees is that they are without a doubt one of the most versatile of drapes. A simple printed saree has such a wonderfully formal feel for office or Board meeting. In fact, seldom is there any working lady who does not own a black saree that helps in power dressing.

Opting for natural fabrics where the drapes look good and fall better, should also be considered. Your wardrobe must have Tussars, Bhagalpuris, raw silks, linens and simple handloom sarees.

Another tip to make things comfortable for women who wear sarees to the office is that there is no expectation to be extremely fashionable with sarees as they in themselves look stylish and decent.

Wearing boat-necked blouses or even round-necked ones that could have longish sleeves. Apart from making the appearance of the saree more regal and dignified, it does protect you from tanning when outdoors.     

Sarees for office wear does project a certain pride in the tradition that adds to one’s personality. While there is nothing odd in wearing western wear to work, a saree does not just make you look wonderful but adds a certain value to your personality which few other dressing styles can.

In sync with Indian culture, the saree still stands as the best dress for the interview and office. Wearing a saree to work or any other business-related formal gathering sends out a strong message to people who think sarees are not empowering. 

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