Part Time Jobs For Indian Women

Part Time Jobs For Indian Women

It is rightly said by, Steve Maraboli that, “The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”.

Women are the most powerful and dynamic species of the human form. Not only do we have the potential of attaining what is that we want from our lives but we also can be an inspiration for many. Being a woman comes with many sorts of implied responsibilities.

Responsibilities we cannot escape from. Some of these have become a part of us. But none of this can deprive us of our basic right to empowerment. Sometimes we are in a situation where we have to be the one to know how to find a balance in our personal and professional life.

In the process of finding the balance, sometimes we tend to lose our identity, which can demean our self-worth. To avoid this situation it is important to be able to fulfil our purpose from our lives. And your purpose not always necessarily has to push you out of your comfort zone.

You just have to look around a little and you will be able to find it, find your purpose in your life. There are so many part time jobs for Indian women that will definitely suit your requirements, be it a mother, a housewife or a single woman who has just begun on this journey called life. 

So, let’s take a look at a few part time jobs for Indian Women:

1. Data Entry

If we see, today we have a lot of online jobs. One such job is data entry. In this job, we have to input data into the computer with the help of input devices such as a keyboard or a scanner. A lot of companies, require people who can put in a few hours of work and provide them with results.

The job of data entry, won’t even take up your entire time. You just have to work in for a few hours and it can be at any time of the day, according to your availability. The payment for this kind of job is mostly based on an hourly basis and the rate can vary upon from company to company.

The best part is that there is no definite qualification required for this kind of job. The job of data entry is suitable for mothers, who cannot work for extensive hours but at the same time be available for a few hours in a day. 


2. School/College Professor

Part Time Jobs For Indian Women
Part Time Jobs For Indian Women: become a school/college Professor

It is time that we all stop using teaching as a backup option. If you are passionate and determined about it. It is time that you start taking teaching as a lucrative career option. The demand for a qualified, passionate, friendly professor for a school or college is soaring.

And in this demand, it is time for you to make your dream of becoming a teacher to reality. The best part about being a professor is the timings. You just have to be available for a few hours a day. Nowadays the pay for the professors is also becoming acceptable compared to the earlier time.

But, one thing that you do need to keep in mind is the extra effort you might have to make in preparing yourself for the next class, which might be conceived as a full time for a lot of people. So, teaching can be considered as one of your options for a part-time job. 


3. Home/Online Tutor

If teaching is your passion but going out and teaching in a school or college doesn’t seem like a feasible option for you, then you always have the advantage of teaching classes in the comfort of your own home and if you have a great connectivity to the internet, then also you can teach classes, online.

To start teaching at your home, you can always begin by informing your relatives, friends, and neighbours about your classes. You can put a board on the gate of your house, with your name and contact information which can help people in knowing and spreading the word for your tuition classes.

In today’s world of networking, there is a lot of scope of making a career as an online tutor. You can begin by having a blog in your niche of teaching or you can even start a youtube channel. If not that, there are many online tuition platforms available on the internet.

You just have to do a little bit of research. Remember, if you have a passion for it, online tuition can turn from being a part-time job to a lucrative career. 


4. Career As A Freelancer 

There is no second thought, in the fact that a lot of Indian millennials are making freelancing as their career option. Not only does it gives us the advantage of working with our own pace but also provides us with some time to explore ourselves.

Today, there is an increasing demand for finding freelancers in all sorts of work field. Be it writing, graphic designing, video editor to even bookkeeper and virtual assistant. You just need to find out your area of interest and you will be able to make a career as a freelancer.

For finding jobs, you can create a profile on all the online sites which are solely dedicated to only freelancers. Also, if you are a total beginner, you can always start by asking your family or friends, if they or anyone is known to them need your services.

This is how you will be able to build a network and make a profitable career as a freelancer. If everything goes well, you can turn your part-time job into a full-time career. 


5. Career As A Translator

Part Time Jobs For Indian Women
Part Time Jobs For Indian Women: become a translator

If you are someone familiar with two or more languages. (including foreign language) and also have some experience in writing, then you can always think of making a career as a translator.

The main role of you as a translator will be to understand the piece of writing that you will be translating. For example- an article, a book, a letter, or a piece of a document according to its culture and other minute nuances.

There are a few steps that you will have to fulfil before making a career as a translator. But you do need to gain some experience and have a position in the market. This job is even beneficial for you if you have a curiosity for learning about different cultures and traditions. 


6. Business Of Direct Selling

If you see the graph or a chart of the sex ratio in any direct selling business, you will find a growth in the number of women who participate in the direct selling business. Direct Selling business gives the advantage of a flexible environment and promotes healthy work ethics.

Direct selling business has a lot of significance amongst mothers, who can’t and don’t want to engage in a rigid work schedule, leaving their children behind. Being a part of the direct selling business, indirectly makes you the owner of the business, which in turn supports empowerment amongst women and also helps women achieve a sense of accomplishment.

There is a lot of company in direct selling in India for example, Amway, Oriflame, Modicare and many more. Direct selling business is the best to achieve a work-life balance. 


7. Career As A Counselor

Part Time Jobs For Indian Women
Part Time Jobs For Indian Women: become a counsellor 

Are you someone with good communication skills? Are you good when it comes to listening? Do you have the potential of being able to influence others? If yes, then maybe it is time to put those skills in the career of counselling.

The key to any good counsellor is to have great communication skills and if you think you need to have an entire free day to be able to make a career in counselling, then you are mistaken.

There are so many career agencies or counselling centres, who need a part-time counsellor, someone who can put in a few required number of hours. So, if you think you have the talent along with the potential, then counselling is the part-time job made for you. 


8. Event Management

Do you have a knack of organizing an event or a party? Are you good at cooking or baking? If yes, then you can work as a party planner or an event organizer on a contract basis.

Also, if you have a talent for cooking or baking, then you can have a contract with any event management company or can even start your own catering business. Since it will be on a contract basis, it won’t be a regular thing.

You can accept or decline contracts according to your availability. Event management is a good way of putting your organizing skills to use and earn money out of it. 

Knowing who we are and realizing our potential is what makes us who we women are today; ambitious and humble. The feeling of dependency and a lack of security can easily make anyone lack confidence. Part-time jobs are the best way to realize your full potential.

Especially, if you are a housewife or a mother and even if you are in the stage of exploring yourself. It is very important for a woman to never lose the feeling of empowerment because that is what makes us strong and fierce. 


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