Who is Your Bollywood Bae?

Who is Your Bollywood Bae?

If you haven’t found the man of your dreams yet, maybe it’s because he lives on the silver screen. We tell you which popular film character you should be dating.

You may swoon over men who slow dance to no music or cringe at the hero standing below a girl’s window to serenade her. But there’s no denying that reel men leave a lasting impact on your expectations from real men.

So which Bollywood character would be your true love in real life? Take this quiz to find out.


1. What is your take on relationships?

A. Why spend my life tied down to one person?

B. Waiting for the day when my bangles get caught in someone’s kurta!

C. Great! As long as we both get to wear pants in the relationship.

2. How would you describe yourself?

A. Charming and spontaneous.

B. Sensitive, coy and loyal.

C. Easy-going and supportive.


3. What does your ideal man do for a living?

A. A man of the arts; he’s in the creative field.

B. Corporate job and at the top of his game.

C. Regular 9-5 job, but has a life outside work.


4. What’s your deal breaker?

A. Finding out that he has decided the names of his unborn children.

B. Him thinking of women as targets to woo.

C. Him being a pseudo ‘woke’ feminist.


5. What does your perfect date night look like?

A. Drinks and dancing, and we’ll see where the night takes us!

B. Ordering in and doing a movie marathon in our PJ’s.

C. A surprise-filled evening of all my favourite activities.


6. What do you want your man to gift you on your birthday?

A. Tickets for an awesome adventure trip.

B. A framed picture from our first date.

C. A spa weekend, so I can unwind by myself.


7. If you could control your man’s wardrobe, what would it look like?

A. All things a la mode. Only the best for my man!

B. Equal amounts dapper formals and fun casuals.

C. No change. He can dress however he wants.


8. Which of these sound like your dream wedding?

A. Did someone say wedding? I’m definitely out.

B. Doesn’t matter as long as I’m marrying my dream man!

C. Why spend money on a party? Registered marriage, FTW.


The Breakdown

Mostly A’s: Kabir ‘Bunny’ Thapar from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

The only kind of commitment you have is to live your life to the fullest. Bunny is always driving towards something new, just like you are. Together you would never see a dull day.


Mostly B’s: Jai Rathore from Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na

Jai is loving, considerate and a friend, above all else. You believe that the best relationships spring from an understanding of each other. The two of you would always be on the same page.


Mostly C’s: Kabir Bansal from Ki & Ka

It’s important not to lose sight of who you are outside of your relationship, and Kabir gets that. He would show you his love by letting you be and supporting you through whatever path you chose in life.


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