The Ultimate Guide to Planning A Ladies’ Vintage-themed Party

The Ultimate Guide to Planning A Ladies’ Vintage-themed Party

Most ladies tremendously love to party and you can’t deny that fact. Themed parties are one of the most popular things that they adore so much. Through it, ladies can effortlessly express their emotions, creativity, personality, and even the unspoken thoughts they never blurt out.

And when you say themed parties nowadays, ladies are going gaga over the 1950’s vibe or the so-called vintage style. They show immense interest and appreciation over the vintage style and try their best to experience it by holding own themed parties.

So, if you and your girls are planning a vintage-themed party, you’ve just landed on the right pages. Read and see what you can do to achieve the old-fashioned style party!


1. Send over vintage-looking invites

To kick-start your ladies’ vintage-themed party, you have to send over invites to your family, friends, acquaintances or whomever you want to enjoy the time with. The more ladies you can accommodate, the happier and more thrilling the party will be.

Of course, don’t forget to give your invitation cards a retro look as well. This will not only send the guests the message about the party but about the overall theme as well.

Once you’ve distributed all the invites, make sure to know who will be able to attend and won’t be able to attend.  So, you could freely proceed with more critical preparations like the venue, foods, cocktails, and more.


2. Encourage your guests to get along with the theme

Telling or informing your ladies what’s the theme is all about will be a great help for them in choosing their overall attire. You must encourage them to dress appropriately so to attain your dream vintage-themed party.

Well-dressed guests are the ones that can instantly give the party the life it deserves. Embrace the 1950’s fashion and ambience, and you’ll feel like all of you ladies are time travelling to the past.


3. Put on the best decors everywhere

If you think that decors aren’t important, well, you’re wrong. You and your ladies can’t say that it’s a vintage-themed party if you and your guests won’t be able to feel the retro vibe at all.

And in order to achieve that, you have to first put old-fashioned decors all over the venue. Putting the appropriate decors around the place will instantly create a great impact on the ambience.

If you’re having a hard time looking for the best décors, you can always do a little research about it or simply check on the list below:

    • Vintage plates
    • Old suitcase
    • Old photos
    • Lace balls
    • Vintage books
    • Retro clock
    • Old-fashioned tables
    • Dyed jars
    • Antique crate storage
    • Vintage teacups
    • Doilies
    • Lace, lace, and more lace!
    • 1950’s Dresses
    • Vintage headdress
    • Retro Music


4. Get yourself the best vintage dress

In order for you to shine on the party, it’s time to dig in your grandma’s or mom’s closet! You must put on the best vintage dress that you can find.

If unfortunately, your grandma or mom threw away their old dresses, you can always go to vintage stores or visit a tailor’s shop.

You must now picture the design and overall look of the dress. This could be very challenging but for sure, you’ll think that’s it’s also exciting.

Well, of course, you must also tell your ladies to get serious and sweaty in choosing their outfit for your game-changing ladies’ vintage-themed party! There’s no greater time to share with your ladies than partying.

Vintage Dress


5. Put your hair on vintage and classic curls

To finish your look, you might want to consider giving your hair a classic or vintage curl. This will add a strong flavour on your overall look.

And you can also add a little bow or a headband to make it look like classic and sexy at the same time. You might not want to forget on putting a generous amount of hairspray in your hair so you can party and groove all night without looking disastrous with messy hair.


6. Red lips will put the party on fire!

If you want to rock that vintage vibe, put on your best and favourite red lipstick. Yes, it will turn everybody’s world upside down once you set foot on the venue to meet all the retro-looking ladies.

You can require your girls to put on the same strong-coloured red lipsticks. So could all rock the old-fashioned look together!


7. Pick up your guest with a vintage bus hire

As you bring your guest to the party, you may want to try a vintage bus hire for example renting a Florida party bus to skyrocket that retro vibe on their way to their party. Aside from making them feel like they’re well-taken care of, they’ll instantly feel like going back to the 1950s.

Vintage bus hire is something that will simply level up your vintage-themed party game. You can consider it as your guests’ service back in time.

Moreover, if you acquire vintage bus hire, you’ll do yourself a favour to immediately ignite the vintage vibe to your lady guests. And that will make them more excited to start partying, isn’t that cool enough?


8. Serve the best cocktails

To brighten up and add more thrill to the party, you must decide on serving the best cocktails to the ladies. Well, you know, you can’t just party and dance all night without having a drink while chit-chatting with your girls, right?

So, if your decision-making is at stake, you can check on the following suggested cocktails below:

    • Old-fashioned
    • Margarita
    • Negroni
    • Moscow Mule
    • Whiskey sour
    • Manhattan
    • Mimosa
    • Gimlet
    • Sazerac
    • Pimm’s cup
    • Sidecar
    • Mint julep
    • French 75


    • Martini
    • Daiquiri
    • Martinez

You can hire the best bartenders you can find so to serve these better at its best!

So, can you now say that you’re a hundred per cent ready to open your doors for your ladies? Well, I bet you’ll keep on checking this not-so-long list for you to have the best party of your life. turn that music and that vintage vibe on – feel the vintage life while grooving to the vintage music all night!  


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