Safety Tips and Precautions For A Fun Holi

Safety Tips and Precautions For A Fun Holi

Holi is all about sweets, laughter and colours.


It’s easy to lose track of basic safety tips in the swirl of colourful madness. Gone are the days when we used to play Holi with the good old gulal.

We now have brighter, fragrant colours full of chemical colours. These colours also include dyes which according to the experts can have a serious impact on your skin, eye and hair.

Did you know that almost all water colours have an alkaline base which if comes in contact with your eyes can cause corneal abrasions and temporary blindness?

This doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun during the festival. 

We bring you a list of precautions to practice when stepping out to play Holi (and if you’re not playing Holi, enjoy the festival with a fantastic read):


  1. Buy Herbal Colours

Yes, they are expensive. But, they also protect you from harmful infections and injuries. Pinching pennies to compromise with your body isn’t very wise.


  1. Paint Your Nails

Your hands and nails bear the brunt of all the colour. Protect them by applying a base coat to prevent them from staining. You can go one step further and apply a top coat for more protection.


  1. Sunglasses to Rescue

Got an old pair of running sunglasses or wooden sunglasses? Wear it to avoid catching a nasty eye infection. If not, close your eyes when someone applies colour.

In case some colour still manages to get in your eyes, immediately splash plain water instead of rubbing them. Apply a few drops of rose water (using a dropper) for instant relief.


  1. Cover Yourself

We advice covering as much skin as possible by opting to wear long pants and a full-sleeved t-shirt or a salwar suit. Wrap your hair in a scarf to ensure your hair is well-protected.


  1. Oil Up

Generously apply oil to your tresses even if you plan to cover them with a scarf. A good amount of oil forms a protective shield by preventing colours from seeping into your scalp.


  1. Shut Your Mouth

When someone applies colour as there is a fair chance of getting the colour in your mouth. Dentists advice wearing dental caps to protect your teeth from getting stained and damaged.


  1. Moisturize Your Face

Harsh facewashes, soap and Holi colours often strip the natural oils from the skin making your skin look dry, dull and irritated.

To prevent this, hydrate your skin after you bathe and scrub off all the colour from your body. Use a nourishing moisturizer to soothe your skin and maintain the lipid balance.


  1. Quickly Fade Stubborn Colour

All you need a is a handful of ingredients commonly available in your kitchen. Mix rose water, milk cream, almond oil (sweet), and gram flour.

Apply this mixture on the affected areas and let it dry. Gently rub the dry areas and remove it.

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