Which Marvel Superhero is Your Boyfriend?

Which Marvel Superhero is Your Boyfriend?

Who wouldn’t like to be a Marvel superhero for a boyfriend?

Answer this quiz to find out which droolsome Marvel man would make the perfect loverboy for you!


1. What do you look for in a boyfriend?

a. Intelligence

b. Strength

c. Honour

d. Humour 


2. One personality trait he must have?

a. Determination

b. Loyalty

c. Bravery

d. Happy-go-lucky 


3. What type of humour do you prefer?

a. Witty

b. Situational

c. Old-fashioned

d. Sarcastic


4. What kind of date would your perfect boyfriend plan?

a. Fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant

b. Outside, under the stars

c. Movie and dinner

d. Having fun at a dance club

5. In a difficult situation, your perfect boyfriend would…

a. Quickly jump into action

b. Stand in between you and the problem

c. Solve the problem with logic and conversation

d. Come up with a ‘plan’, even if it doesn’t work figure out a solution on the go


6. In school/college, he would have been voted to be most likely to be a…

a. Politician

b. Pro athlete

c. Teacher

d. Stand-up comedian


The Breakdown

Marvel Superhero

Mostly A’s: Iron Man

He can literally fix anything in his vast amount of wealth would allow you to concentrate on more important things.

Iron man will never give up on you; he’s a lover and a fighter.


Mostly B’s: Thor

You need a guy who’ll always take care of you and be there at the drop of a hat. Thor has mastered inter-dimensional travel and can kick the tar out of anyone in the universe.


Mostly C’s: Captain America

Chivalrous and brave with a heart of gold, they don’t get much better than this guy! He’ll protect you, of course, but he’ll also listen, empathise and try to fix anything wrong in your life.


Mostly D’s: Star Lord

You like your superheroes with a side of rebellious, bad-boy charm. His fun-loving, sarcastic personality is a perfect match for yours.


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