Decode Your Professional Persona

Decode Your Professional Persona

Fancy yourself as a charismatic leader? Or are you more of a faithful follower? We help you find out your real professional persona.

Do you know that one person in the office nobody has ever seen come or go? They are just always there

Or how about the one that can take command of anything? Do you relate to the one who doesn’t say much but gets everything done? 

Take this quiz to find out what your workplace personality is.


1. You have a big meeting at work. How do you approach it?

a. I do my research and note down talking points.

b. I go with an open mind, ready to build on what my colleagues suggest.

c. I delegate research areas to my team members.


2. What gets you excited to go to work every day?

a. Getting things done. Ah, the satisfaction of checking things off my to-do list.

b. Working with a set of fun and talented colleagues.

c. Setting and achieving new and bigger goals.


3. Which part of your job drives you up the wall?

Professional Persona

a. Delays and unexpected setbacks.

b. Decision-making in high-pressure situations.

c. People who don’t follow instructions. How hard is it?!


4. What gives you satisfaction in your career?

a. Growth. It’s always about going one step higher.

b. Camaraderie. At the end of the day, I want to enjoy the workplace atmosphere.

c. Winning. Everything is a competition, and I need to be on the right side.


5. Your team just failed to achieve a goal. You…

a. Analyse where you fell short and take steps to fix it.

b. Discuss it with the team to try to understand your role going ahead.

c. Assign new tasks based on what you have learnt from that experience.


6. A colleague comes to you for help. How do you respond?

Professional Persona

a. Find a way to escape the situation. Sorry, but I have enough on my plate.

b. Volunteer to help, even if it eats into your plan for the day.

c. Assign the task to a capable and (willing) co-worker.


7. It’s appraisal time. What do you expect to hear from your boss?

a. Your hard work and dedication are unparalleled.

b. You make a valuable addition to any team you’re in.

c. I love your take-charge attitude and initiative.


8. During a break, you can be found…

Group of people eating pizza and laughing.

a. Snacking at my desk while carrying out work as usual. 

b. Chatting with my friends by the coffee machine to blow off some steam.

c. At a corner table in the food court, quietly collecting my thoughts.


The Breakdown

Mostly As: The Busy Bee

You’re a textbook workaholic. You set high standards for yourself, and see every new task as a chance to push the envelope.

But you need to gain some work-life balance. There’s nothing wrong with taking time off and letting loose once a while!


Mostly Bs: The Team Player

You are flexible, committed and constantly looking to learn from those around you. You are a great listener and are always supportive of your coworkers.

What keeps you from being the perfect employee, however, is your lack of assertiveness. Don’t shy away from making yourself heard more often.


Mostly Cs: The Fearless Leader

You are goal-driven, charismatic and capable of rallying your troops to achieve just about anything. You have the vision and believe in taking risks.

Remember that a holistic leader must be attentive to the needs of their subordinates, so keep your ears (and mind) open.

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