NYFW Spring/Summer 2020 Shoe Trends

NYFW Spring/Summer 2020 Shoe Trends

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has come to a close. During it, we saw plenty of eye-catching pairs of shoes.

While the event may now be in the past, we now have a lot to look forward to in Spring/Summer 2020. There was no shortage of amazing hot-weather shoes. Below are some of the best trends in men’s and women’s shoes we saw during NYFW.


1. Minimalist Designs

Many of the ladies’ shoes for the warmer month feature very minimalistic styles. For example, one pair from Ulla Johnson use lace as almost the entire upper section of the shoe. The sole is low profile and the heel is simplistic. This creates attractive minimalism that highlights the foot while still featuring the shoe itself.

This same trend was reflected in sandals. A colourful pair from Rag and Bone has a simple shape with bold, red colouring and contrast stitching.

Again, the design work was subtle but made excellent use of the minimalist features and lines. Expect a lot of shoes in Spring/Summer 2020 that make eye-catching use of simplicity.


2. Platforms

Several designers showcased sandals with large platform soles. One pair by Anna Sui features all-white colouring with a thick sole and lace, textured accents.

These certainly are a step away from some of the more minimalist looks of some other shoes. These shoes were reflected by some of the street style choices made by attendees. For sandals, comfort often took priority during the show.

Kate Spade also showed a summer pair of platform sandals. These feature burnt-yellow and white striping on the soles, evoking a beach towel or umbrella. They will make a great pair for heading to the shore this summer.

R13 showed a few pairs of sneakers with platform soles. Combined with bold patterns, the thick soles make for a very attention-grabbing look.


3. Sporty Sneakers

Sneakers are continuing to be important but there were some distinct new trends (like sport sneakers) this NYFW. Perhaps most notably, there was a higher emphasis on comfort. While sneakers have been growing bolder than ever, many in New York was more understated and athletic.

For example, New Balance and Chuck Taylors appeared on a few models. While these weren’t new designs, they reflected a different approach to the overall outfit compared to previous years. This was particularly noticeable among the men’s shoes.


4. Lacing

As mentioned, Ulla Johnson featured some lace-up heels. This pattern was reflected elsewhere with many different styles of shoes featuring lacing. For example, a pair from Longchamp blends boot and sandal with high lacing and backs. Another pair of boots from Anna Sui also features an eye-catching lacing pattern.


Find Your Shoes For Spring/Summer

While you may not see every pair of shows from New York Fashion Week on shelves for Spring/Summer 2020, you can definitely look forward to the above trends.

One of the key takeaways from NYFW was the diversity in shoes. No matter what your personal preferences are, you are sure to find something you like.

Consider checking out Shoebacca customer reviews to see if a pair is as great as it looks. Regardless of what you want, treat yourself in time for Spring/Summer 2020.

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