Why Image Consulting Is the Perfect Career Choice for Women

Why Image Consulting Is the Perfect Career Choice for Women

Having a required skill set for your job is a must, but other factors such as the right posture, appearance, presentation, etc. are also crucial parts of your professional and personal growth chart. Fortunately, people are realizing the need for image enhancement and this has increased the scope of work for Image Consultants. While image consulting has become a very lucrative career option for anybody who has a passion for grooming and image management, it is the best career choice, especially for women. Read on to find out why. 



Being an image consultant allows you to be your own boss. You get to work from the destination of your choice; you are now not bound by corporate cubicles and having to punch in and out every day. You can set your own pace and can work at your preferred timings. 

Image consulting doesn’t always require physical presence: you can guide your clients via video call. This means that the customer base is not limited to your geographical area. Having the power of the internet at your disposal means you can work from home and yet have clients from all over the world.

This gives you the flexibility to work around your busy schedule where you are expected to take care of your family and balance a social life.



Image consulting gives you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. You can start working as an image consultant who works independently. This will be the ideal situation for homemakers as they can work from home and set their schedules accordingly. 

As a woman, you have many responsibilities — looking after the family, running around to take care of your kids, and after this, you certainly don’t want a boss dictating everything you do to add to the list.

When you become an image consultant and start your own image consulting firm, you get to decide your schedule. You can schedule meetings with clients in the time you see fit, or you can even connect with them through the internet from the comfort of your home. 

Being an image consultant and getting to work around your own schedule is a blessing for women who have a tonne of responsibilities on their heads.

For instance, if you are multitasking with things like picking up after your toddler, cooking dinner for your family and dropping your child to school, a flexible job like this will be a heaven-sent opportunity.


Elevate Your Sense of Style

Elevate Your Sense of Style

If you are someone who is looking forward to occasions where you can dress up, then you have hit the jackpot with your career. 

Not only are image consultants required to look their best, but they are often the ones that help people with jobs that involve dressing up, fashion, putting together outfits, and helping their clients elevate their sense of personal style.



You don’t need any prior qualifications to be an image consultant. Anyone can sign up for the image consulting course irrespective of their academic background. All you need to have is the enthusiasm to learn. 


Age No Bar

Just like how there are no qualification prerequisites, you can pursue the course to be an image consultant at any time irrespective of your age.

If you are a new mother who is on a work sabbatical or you are looking for a midlife career change where you can have flexible work timings, taking up an image consulting course will be the right career shift for you. 

Choosing an image consulting institute can be a challenge but if you follow the right process, you can make the right decision effortlessly. 


Check for Accreditations

Now that you have chosen image consulting to be the career of your choice, it is important to pick an accredited institute which will give you credible qualifications as an image trainer. Ensure that the institute you pick offers certifications in accreditation with international institutions. 


Get Referrals from People Who Took the Course

Get Referrals from People Who Took the Course

“The best way to know if the image consulting course is effective is to talk to the people who have recently participated in the course and see how happy they are. This will also give you a new perspective on becoming an image consultant”, says Julie Han (you can follow check out her latest blog for more tips). 


Research the Trainers

Before you sign up for the course, find out who is running your institute and how successful they are. Their credentials will help you reinforce fate in whether you have made the right choice or not. 

Placements/Help with Career

Other than the right qualifications, you must see if the image consulting institute you are considering offers the business enablement support. A business enablement program helps you with everything from online listings to network generation. 

After all, a course is only as valid as how much return on investment it can give you. 


Right Training

Make sure that the image consulting course you are signing up for gives you the right training material, including hands-on training, to become a certified image consultant.


Wrap Up

If you think that you are the right fit for an image consulting course and have the potential and passion to transform lives, dig in deeper and choose the right image consulting institute.

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