The Secrets of Maintaining a Perfect Balance of Your Body, Mind and Soul
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The Secrets of Maintaining a Perfect Balance of Your Body, Mind and Soul

Living in this turbulent world of today, we often find ourselves in stressful situations that we cannot easily overcome. The way of living is fast, ever-changing, unstoppable, and it takes its toll on us, hence we feel overwhelmed, physically exhausted and with a restless mind. So, what can be done to change the way we feel, act, work and live? The answer is – a lot. Everything depends on ourselves and our strong will as well as motivation in life. The thing is to find the source of this motivation and use it to the maximum so you can restore the order and balance of your body, mind and soul.

Let me give you some tips on how you can do that.


1. Appreciate Yourself

The most important thing to do is to tell yourself “I matter, I am important, I am a valuable unique being”.

If you are aware of your self-worth, people will recognise and appreciate you back. You can’t expect to be appreciated by other people if you don’t respect yourself. It is that simple.


2. Take Care of Yourself

Do it every minute of your day, be even self-centred if you need to be because at the end of the day you are responsible for the condition your body, mind and soul are in.

You can’t blame anyone else they are guilty of ruining your harmony, because if they really did that it is only because you allowed it.

Therefore, do things that bring you pleasure, excite you, make you feel like you are on top of the world. Always have some “me” time during the day.

Focus on yourself and your needs because if you are happy and satisfied, you can make others happy.


3. Read, Travel, Learn


Expand your knowledge, read classics or best seller novels, travel the world, learn about other people and their cultures. Don’t be afraid to explore the world.

Create new memories and let go of negative thoughts. Believe in the power of new things see how big of a positive impact they can have on your life.


4. Shop, Put Makeup on, Awaken Your Senses

People say “Shopping is cheaper than therapy” and it is actually true. Shopping makes your brain produce more dopamine, which is the brain chemical “guilty” of pleasure and happiness.

So, a quick shopping spree to your favourite mall might be just the thing you need today. In addition, do your makeup like they do in those beauty tutorials and shine your light. Put on your favourite long lasting lip gloss and smile away, make everyone fall in love with your smile.

Spray some of your most refreshing and invigoration perfumes onto your skin and clothes and awaken the senses. Be right there, at the moment of living and enjoy it to the fullest. You deserve all that.


5. Exercise, Do Yoga, Meditate


Keep your body fit. Exercise every day, go for a stroll in the nearest park or ride a bicycle. Or, if you prefer to be in one place start with yoga and meditation sessions (you can also try midtown east physical therapy).

You will be surprised what your body can do if you put your mind into it. 


6. Get in Touch with Nature


Embody nature. Spend some time in the wild, try to live according to nature’s rules and laws.

Nothing will lift your spirits more than discovering the secrets of nature. It will not only improve your mood but also it will alter the way your brain works and improve its function.


7. Eat Healthy, Cook


The health comes through the mouth, never forget that. What you eat is what you will be feeling like. Consume lots of fruit and vegetables full of vitamins and minerals and avoid fatty food that makes you feel miserable and too lazy to get off the bed.

Also, develop your cooking abilities. If you are not quite the cook, start with some basic meals, and as soon as you are starting to get better at it, make some fancy dinner and surprise your family or friends.


8. Make Your Voice Heard, Help Less Fortunate

Join a local organisation that supports a campaign you identify with. Make some changes in your community that will affect all the people living in it. You will feel how powerful change can be when you are passionate about something you are strongly connected to.

Help those in need, because we rise when we lift others. It is said that by helping others we help ourselves, so give in order to receive. Only one kind act a day can boost your mood and make you feel happy and proud of your achievements.

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9. Go Offline

Yes, you like everyone else, probably are unable to function without your smartphone in hands, but maybe that is exactly the thing that is dragging you backwards.

Leave the devices at home and get out in the sun. Breathe some air and enjoy the sun rays. Even if it is only for an hour or less, you will feel the positive impact the world has on you when you are ready to look in its eyes.


10. Turn the Volume Up


Take your favourite drink, put on your most comfortable pyjamas, lay on the bed and play your favourite music. Relax in the pleasant sounds of your favourite artist and liberate yourself of negative thoughts. The day is over, the night is yours to enjoy. Fall asleep effortlessly.


11. Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Make sure you get a full night sleep. The minimum of 8 hours is the optimal time for your body and mind to relax and restart.

Get in bed early and don’t take your phone in bed as well. If you have troubles falling asleep, take a book or a magazine that will signal the mind that you are done with the day and you are ready to fall asleep.  


12. Don’t Get Mad and Avoid Drama

Breathe Sign

Things that make you mad and angry and easily irritated are the things that you must avoid. You must stay out of dramatic situations as they take all your energy and replace it with uneasy feelings.

If you are put in such circumstances just take a deep breath and count to three, then smile and continue with your life positively and optimistically.


All in all, you need to do a lot of things to maintain the balance in your life and keep the mind, body and soul in concordance.

But all these things will soon become part of your life which you can’t live without. You will even wonder how come you didn’t start earlier doing these little things that make you better and the world a better place to live in.

Always keep in mind that it is YOU who makes the decisions about you, your body, mind and soul and it is YOU who decides whether someone or something will come in the way.

Don’t deprive yourself of the right to say NO to negative people and situations. Turn your back to the two-faced people and leave them in the past. Surround yourself with love and support and never be afraid to tell your story.

You can do it! Starting now.

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