Top 7 Online Courses for Women Entrepreneurs

Top 7 Online Courses for Women Entrepreneurs

The past couple of years have seen a significant rise in the number of female business owners. Optimists would say that the time we live in is just the beginning of what will become the era of women entrepreneurs. Although the business world is truly evolving in favour of the female gender, it is still male-dominated. Girl power is taking over the world, however, women entrepreneurs are still a minority. And the challenges they face are numerous and often different from those experienced by men. If you feel inspired to join the female leaders rewriting the rules of corporate culture, this article is for you. Whether you are new to the game or not, you might find these online courses for women entrepreneurs valuable in your personal and professional development. 


Dare to become a woman entrepreneur

What many women still lack these days is motivation. The excuse that you have a family to take care of or that you live in a “man’s world” no longer works. So many women have made it in the business world, and so can you.

If building the career you have always dreamed of means hiring and moving across the world, so be it. If it means going back to school, why not?

Attending online courses taught by the world’s greatest experts in their field is a privilege your grandmothers did not have. Be determined and take advantage of that privilege.


Online courses for women entrepreneurs

The fact that your school days are gone does not mean you should ever stop learning, whether you are an entrepreneur or not. Learning should be a lifelong commitment. All successful entrepreneurs, male and female, know that.

There are so many amazing online courses to help you reach your professional goals. These are our favourite online courses for women entrepreneurs.


1. Steve Blank’s ‘How to Build a Startup’

This is a free, one-month online course. Here, you can study the essential techniques that every entrepreneur building a startup should understand.

Steve Blank teaches you to validate your ideas in the early stages with real customers, which is something many startups fail at.

You will learn how to gather customer and marketplace feedback in order to quickly create and test ideas.


2. Ryerson’s ‘100 Steps 2 Startup’

Dr Sean Wise, an award-winning entrepreneur and entrepreneurship teacher is the creator of this program.

The program breaks down starting a business to 100 small steps – from creating a promising idea to making profits with minimal risks, focusing on small and medium-sized startups. 


3.’s ‘Critical thinking’

Critical thinking is a skill all of us need regardless of our gender or profession. One simply cannot make any important decision without it.

Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of decision-making, and a single wrong choice can lead to a series of future complications. A boss who masters the techniques of critical thinking will be able to help her employees think critically, too.

This is definitely one of the greatest one-hour online courses for women entrepreneurs. It teaches us to break down any complex issue into smaller parts, identify its cause, as well as consequences.


4. Coursera’s ‘Learning how to learn’

This course is about learning. Mastering difficult subjects, to be more precise. As we mentioned earlier, learning should be a lifelong process. Therefore, learning how to be better at it is definitely worth your time even if you’re no longer a student.

The course lasts for four weeks and it teaches different learning techniques. It analyzes the incredible ways in which the human brain employs different modes of learning and captures pieces of information.

Participants explore the learning techniques linked to different disciplines, such as science, music, literature, math, art, etc.

How does this translate to your job, you ask? Well, if you or a member of your team have difficulties mastering something, you’ll have some practical techniques to rely on. 


5. Coursera, ‘The science of well-being’

This course is all about happiness. At first, this type, of course, may seem irrelevant. However, when you think of it, happiness has everything to do with becoming successful in any aspect of your life.

After all, running a business is not just about learning about business. It takes much more than that to become a successful entrepreneur.

One of those things is understanding that money does not equal happiness. The best leaders are those who truly understand happiness. They also know how to treat their team better.

This course goes beyond teaching us what makes people happy according to science. After analyzing misconceptions about happiness, participants get a chance to partake in activities that increase happiness. 


6. Udemy’s ‘Body language for entrepreneurs’

Non-verbal communication has an important role in being a successful business person and a good boss.
Non-verbal communication has an important role in being a successful business person and a good boss.


Body language has a lot to do with being a successful entrepreneur as well. In fact, it is one of the key hacks that help a businesswoman rise up.

Did you know that over 90% of communication is non-verbal? This course teaches us how to use body language on our way to success.

If you lack confidence or don’t know how to present yourself in public, this is one of the online courses for women entrepreneurs you should take.

Participants also get videos and other resources they can keep after they complete the course. Plus, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the course. 


7. Udemy’s ‘How to come up with killer business ideas’

There is a whole science behind coming up with business ideas that work. This course helps you become a business idea generator by teaching you about that science.

Articles, videos and downloadable resources are also included. If you want to come up with your own, original business ideas for women but you haven’t had much success so far, this is the course for you.


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