5 Helpful Hacks to Help The Businesswoman Rise Up

5 Helpful Hacks to Help The Businesswoman Rise Up

Being a woman was never easy. And being a businesswoman is no different.

But, being a woman means being powerful and able to succeed in pretty much every aspect, either for business or for pleasure.

Now, women all over the world know how strong and great they are, so it goes without saying that the tables have turned.

So, without further ado, let us mention 5 handpicked and helpful hacks to help businesswomen rise up and succeed.

This will be especially helpful to those women who do not want to work twice as hard, but who want to work smarter than everybody rest.


1. Body Language

Body language is one of the most important skills every businesswoman must develop. The beauty of it is that it can be learned and acquired easily and that anyone can be good at it.


a. Smile for a reason

If you smile and giggle all the time, you probably will not be taken seriously. People will think that you do not know what you are doing and that you are trying to avoid or hide something.

Also many consider that women who smile more than men are rather subordinate, that is, they show subordinate behaviour.

So, smiling is not always a good thing.

Of course, you want to look polite and likeable, but doing it too much will get you quite the opposite.

To conclude, businesswomen should keep their heads straight at all times, have a neutral face, and smile or nod only when the situation requires it.


b. Initiate that handshake

Usually, men are the ones initiating handshakes. But there is no reason for that since men and women are equal. A firm handshake will impress anyone from colleague to the best search engine optimization experts.



So, the next time you find yourself in a situation where a handshake is required, be the first to stretch your hand.

This will bring you confidence and power, and maybe empower other women as well. Keep that handshake confident and firm, and always maintain eye contact.


c. Walk like a leader

Posture means power. Posture means leadership. Good posture showcases your strong leadership skills.

Many people do not think of it, but the way you enter a room says a lot about your position, as well as your personality.

Women tend to walk slower and more timidly at times, also, when sitting legs are usually crossed and the body is often slouched. This is something a woman cannot let herself do.

The walk should be confident, not too fast nor slow. When sitting, the shoulder should touch the back of the chair.

And, last but not least, forget about crossing your legs, it is best if both of your feet are touching the ground.

Power-walk can be a beautiful thing as long as you know how to do it right.


2. Do Not Work Alone

The business world can be a pretty lonely place, especially if you decided to climb the ladder of success alone.

But, if you are a businesswoman who is just starting to rise up, it is important to surround yourself with other people.

You should always have a close circle of friends and colleagues at the workplace.

Those people do not have to be your best friends, just somebody you can talk to, get some advice, and simply count on if something goes wrong.

This is important, not only to avoid loneliness but also to have allies. Moreover, you should always be on good terms with everybody, including your bosses and your subordinates.

A good relationship with everybody and being liked by everybody can get you a long way.

Also, this rule should not only be applied to the office situation.

You can use technology to connect with like-minded business women. Women inspire other women, and what is more, women empower each other.

Surround yourself with people who will inspire you, and the people you need to inspire.


3. Dress for Success

So, what should your 9-5 style look like?

Nobody is sure anymore as we live in times where the CEO’s jeans and hoodies are a common thing.

Styles change all the time, and that is a completely normal thing.

But one thing will always last forever, and that is the style.



Even if you decide to relocate your offices, and move to a completely different place, you should always keep your business style, no matter the new dress code.

Being a woman with style is important if you want to rise up in the business world.

Just think about it – nobody will take you seriously if you come to work in some old and baggy clothes paired with running sneakers.

But if you come to work in a power outfit, you will be ready to conquer the world. A

nyone who has ever owned a power outfit knows how proper clothes can be a big confidence booster and a situation changer.

So, here is some advice on how business women should dress:

  • Wear a suit – Nowadays, suits are worn only by lawyers and politicians. We are not saying that a suit is an absolute must on an everyday basis. However, it should be worn on all important meetings. Wearing a suite means business!
  • Do not be too casual – You must avoid cleavage displays, things that are transparent and too tight, big high heels, and skirts and dresses that are too short.
  • Choose colours that flatter your complexion – If you are not sure which colour is the best for a workplace, you can stick to those traditional colours like black, navy, beige and red. But, if you want to put some life into your clothes, you can always wear some colourful separate pieces.
  • Wear natural makeup – ‘No makeup’ makeup is the best.
  • Perfume should be gentle – Nothing too strong, and when in doubt, use a body mist.

Dress for success is a must! Invest in yourself!


4. Push Yourself and Women Around You

Sometimes things are just not working out, and you are losing your motivation. We all have days when we are not in the zone, and that is okay.

But those days can not last long.

You must snap out of them as soon as possible, or you will not be able to achieve success.

When those days do occur, just stop, breathe, and take it easy. Go for a walk, go to the gym, or spa, anything that relaxes you.

Taking care of yourself is important, you must maintain a perfect balance of your body and soul.

You will never be able to push, inspire and lead women around you if you are feeling down. So, if necessary, take a few days off to recharge.

You can also advise women around you to do the same.



And, when everything is back to normal, try to push yourself and women around you to be more productive.

Talk to women whose voices are unheard. Amplify them. Pull them up the ladder and into your circle.

Surround yourself with strong women, and you will become one.


5. Remove the Things That Distract You

Distraction is the worst enemy of productivity. Events, people, tasks or just those small things steal our attention throughout the working day.

Trying to be productive in the chaos of business can be arduous.

So here is what you can do to try to remove the distractions and give your work focus priority.

a. Know your strengths and weaknesses

Both of those are important for being prepared for the business world. That will help you with your clients and businesses you have chosen.

And of course, knowing which things work for you and which do not, can make a huge difference in your mindset. You will always be focusing on the strengths and at the same time working on your weaknesses.


b. Have a calendar

As a businesswoman, you must have a calendar in order to organize yourself and your work.  Write down all the appointments, meetings, any tasks you may have.


Do not forget to write down any personal things, like having a birthday party, or going to the hairdresser and similar.

Your personal and business calendar must be synched at all times. Also, make sure that this calendar can be accessed from any device you may have.


c. Create deadlines

Even though you do not have deadlines for some tasks, it is important to create them in your head in order to finish the task much faster and continue to the next.

There is no slouching and being lazy in the business world. You should always take the initiative and work like there is no tomorrow.

Also, if you want to be respected, you must never be late with your work. This is how you will push people around you to work harder and gain the respect of your clients.


d. Write a plan for tomorrow

Before going to bed, spare half an hour to write down everything you must do tomorrow. This plan does not have to be really specific, but it should help you organize.

Maybe you can make a priority list, and do the thing from that list the first thing in the morning. Also, write down all the meetings and appointments you have in order not to forget some.


e. Be an early bird or a night owl

You must know at which part of the day you are most productive. And take advantage of that.

If you are sharper in the morning, come to work earlier and finish all the important things.

And if you function better in the evenings, stay longer after everybody is gone. Just remember to have enough sleep.

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