4 Steps to Speed Up Your Hair Growth

4 Steps to Speed Up Your Hair Growth

Hair growth is a difficult subject to control. Everyone has a different scalp condition. Luckily, there are certain methods that all of us can use to increase the speed at which our hair grows.

Everyone has a base speed at which their hair grows. Factors in our lives will either slow that base down or speed it up. Healthier people tend to have faster-growing hair, while people who are less healthy have slower growing hair.

In this article, we’ve given you four steps to speed up your hair growth. Obviously, aim to keep your body as healthy as you can, but you can also use these four steps to further improve your hair growth.

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#1 Prioritize Conditioner Over Shampoo

Conditioner has more advantages for your hair than regular shampoo does.

The purpose of conditioner is not only to take care of your current hair but also to be absorbed into your scalp and improve the strength of hair that has yet to be grown.

You should use shampoo at least twice a week to keep your hair clean. You can use conditioner four or even five times a week for your hair’s benefit.

Look for more natural conditioners to make sure that the effects are strong.


#2 Make Sure You’re Absorbing More Omega-3 Fats than Omega-6 Fats

Omega-3 fats can be found in many kinds of fish as well as some nuts and seeds. These fats are actually good for you and prevent inflammation in your scalp (as well as everywhere else in your body).

The most common cause of hair loss is inflamed hair follicles. The cause of this inflammation is Omega-6 fats. If you are absorbing more Omega-6 fats than Omega-3 fats, you will likely have issues with hair loss.

Luckily, hair follicle inflammation is temporary. Once you have balanced your diet, you’ll find that your hair starts growing normally again, if not faster. However, you should seek professional medical services if you continue to face the same issue.

#3 Drink Water Over the Day Every Day

Keeping your hair follicles hydrated is also very important. Dehydrated hair follicles have a high risk of dying out completely.

When your hair follicles die, they will never grow new hairs again for the rest of your life.

To avoid losing your hair in this way, you should drink water all through the day. Never mind the eight cups a day, etc.

Make sure you drink a full glass of water after every meal and another in between each meal. So, you should be drinking water during all the following intervals:

  •         When you first wake up
  •         After your breakfast
  •         Between 10:30-11:00 am
  •         After your lunch
  •         Between 3:00-4:00 pm
  •         After your dinner
  •         Right before you go to bed

Don’t drink so much that you feel bloated. Just drink enough to make yourself feel refreshed.

This will prevent dehydration in your hair follicles and increase the speed at which those same hair follicles grow hair.


#4 Use a Well-Known Hair Growth Shampoo

Hair growth shampoos don’t get enough credit. They can’t save your dead hair follicles, but they will revitalize the ones you still have!

Make sure you use a hair growth shampoo that already has good ratings and contains at least one or two proven ingredients in it. Doing so will ensure that you use a credible hair growth shampoo.

The reason that hair growth shampoos are given a poor rating more often than not is because so many people make hair growth shampoos out of ingredients that aren’t credible.

However, the ones that follow the medically proven practices are exceptional.

Don’t be fooled! Invest a well-known hair growth shampoo for good results.

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