How Vitamin D Supplements Can Help With Low Estrogen
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How Vitamin D Supplements Can Help With Low Estrogen

Will consuming vitamin D on a daily basis help lower down sex-hormone levels and hence would likely cut down the risk of breast cancer in older women?

It is a general belief that getting under the sun will supply the body vitamin D. It is misunderstood that this vitamin is a vitamin. Actually, it is a prohormone.

These are contents that the body develops into hormones. Compared to the other vitamins, there is only 10% of the vitamin D that originates from food (like dairy products and oily fish.)

The remaining percentage has the body makes for itself. Getting to know on this hormone and its function on the body will aid in making informed health decisions.

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Furthermore, vitamin D is a hormone the kidneys releases.

It protects the blood calcium concentration and affects the whole immune system. Vitamin D is also known as cholecalciferol, calcitriol, calcidiol and ergocalciferol.

From these, calcidiol is the name that doctors basically focus on when computing for vitamin D levels in the blood.  

Additionally, vitamin D is an element produced by the body during a chemical reaction that happens upon sunlight hitting the skin.

This phenomenon releases cholecalciferol and the liver transforms it into calcidiol.

During this time, the kidneys, also, transforms the substance into calcitriol, which is the active state of the hormone.

Vitamin D is able to endow its effects thru binding to a protein, which is known as the vitamin D receptor.

This element can be seen in almost every cell and affects a lot of varied body processes. Read more on the benefits of vitamin D through this link.


How does vitamin D act?

Vitamin D aids the body in absorbing calcium, which makes the blood calcium levels gain an ideal point.

Also, the vitamin D aids in allowing the mineralization of bone that is asked for in having strong and healthy bones. Such is only one of the functions of the hormone.

Having low Vitamin D rates is believed to affect a variety of health concerns, which pertains to a number of vitamin D functions.

Studies have been done to instil why the hormone relates to the other systems of the body.

For example, having a low amount of vitamin D in the body makes a person more likely to experience mood disorders like depression, infections and illness, mental illnesses and cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, there were studies that also say people with low vitamin D accounts may become obese in time. It was found out that vitamin D aids in dopamine production in the brain, noradrenaline (also called norepinephrine) and regulating adrenaline.

Also, it aids in the protection of the body from serotonin depletion.

Due to this fact, having low vitamin D accounts may level up the risk of depression in persons.

Gaining a better understanding of vitamin D function is required to wholly know the way it is linked to so many health concerns.


Concerns Seen in Vitamin D

A growing problem on protecting the skin from the sun and a transformation from an outdoor lifestyle into an indoor lifestyle has resulted in an added concern in vitamin D deficiency.

Having a lower account of vitamin D shows that the bones cannot develop to be strong, which results to problems like rickets for children and osteoporosis for adults.

In this lieu, the weakening of the bones will result in persons with low vitamin D accounts, who are more likely to fall.

Furthermore, lower vitamin D accounts may, also, lead to multiple sclerosis, ineffective functioning immune system, depression, development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

A low vitamin D level was, also, seen in some kinds of cancer.

During having too much vitamin D, it can result in more calcium levels in the blood, which leads to hypocalcaemia.

This disease may trigger feelings of thirst, headaches, nausea, constipation, depression and confusion.


The Alternative Ways to Estrogen-lowering Drugs

A study said that vitamin D supplementation is a good alternative to estrogen-lowering drugs, which overweight and obese women look for in order to cut down on their breast cancer risk.

Furthermore, advised medications to cut down blood estrogens.

The medications asked in lowering blood estrogens like aromatase inhibitors will help cut down the risk of breast cancer in women.

Although, it is important to note that these medications are expensive and may allow harmful effects.

Hence, it will be a next move to look for alternative ways to safely cut down blood estrogens for women.

It is believed that weight loss may cut down blood estrogens. Where vitamin D is a contributing factor.

It happens only when a woman consumes enough of it to achieve the normal range for vitamin Ds.

The basic circulating range of vitamin D is said to be within 20 and 50 ng/ml.

Wherein, blood levels lower than this may be harmful to bone health, while being higher than this may, also, endow harmful effects like a vital growth in kidney stones.

There is no conclusion on the basic blood level of vitamin D needed to cut down sex hormones. It is seen that women enjoy the benefits of high levels of vitamin D.

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