What’s My Fragrance

What’s My Fragrance?

Our guide will help you take the guesswork out of selecting the right fragrance.


1. Streamline Your Selection

To avoid going home with a bottle of perfume that you just can’t live with, make sure you know what scents you like best. Fragrances are typically characterized by their bouquets and can be predominantly floral, fruity, oriental (think incense or vanilla) and woody (cedar, leather, tobacco or wood fires).

If you’re purchasing perfume for a friend, do a bit of snooping on their likes and dislikes, or else that bottle you blew a week’s pay on, may wind up at the back of a drawer!


2. The Sniff Test

Don’t turn your nose up at the ladies behind the fragrance counter when they offer to spritz perfume on your wrists. Sampling a fragrance is perhaps the best way to tell if you’re going to like wearing a scent eight hours a day.

Try only two scents at a time (a spritz or two on each wrist) and keep the fragrance/s on throughout the day periodically checking to know if you like or dislike the scent as it develops.

Tip: If you ask nicely, the ladies at the counter may even throw a couple of minutes samples your way!


3. Go With Your Instinct

Perfumers often package their scents in bottles that reflect their contents. For example, dark-hued flacons often contain oriental or woody fragrances, and bottles in bright pops of yellow, orange, or green will, unsurprisingly, reveal citrusy scents.

Details in a bottle’s design may be clues to what lies within, and also of the wearer’s personality; minimalists will appreciate sleek lines, and ultra-feminine types will adore candy-coloured confections.

The bottle that captures your eye, at first sight, may in all likelihood, actually contain the fragrance that best suits your personality!

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