Evening Dresses from the Milla Brand

Evening dresses are a must-have part of every woman’s wardrobe. For special events, where it is imperative to follow the dress code, beautiful evening gowns are the best choice. In the Milla online store, you can find a wide assortment of evening dresses for every occasion.

What Evening Dresses are in Fashion Now?

When buying dresses, you should pay attention to current trends:

  • Sequins. You can experiment with shades of gold, black, silver, pink, or cream. The style of the dress with sequins may be various. It is better to choose evening designer gowns with a tight silhouette because too loose styles can add unnecessary volume.
  • Silk evening dresses have nobility and a rich look. Models with short and long sleeves look equally impressive and simple at the same time. We recommend choosing such dark colors as black, red, dark green, or deep blue. You will look very elegant in a dark-colored plain silk evening dress.
  • Asymmetrical evening dresses. Gowns with one sleeve, uneven beveled hem, or train look very stylish and elegant. Since there are many asymmetrical styles of evening gowns and they all differ from each other, start with your individual tastes and features of the figure when you are going to buy dresses for the evening.

Elegant Dresses that Slim Your Figure

If you are looking for beautiful dresses that are slimming and accentuate the features of your figure, pay attention to the following options:

  • Models with accents on the shoulders, bust, or back, and options with puffy skirts are ideal for women with hips that are noticeably wider than the shoulder line. The length can be different. Massive jewelry, bright prints, and other interesting decorative elements below the waistline are welcome.
  • Evening gowns with peplum, drapery, ruffles at the hips, as well as puffy ball gowns with closed shoulders are a good choice for women whose shoulders are much wider than the hips. Thus, you can align the proportions of the figure and not make the top heavier.
  • A dress with a high waistline visually stretches the silhouette and makes the figure slimmer. The most suitable length is just below the knee or to the floor. Pay attention to the affordable evening dress with an asymmetrical hem, layered skirts, or flared sleeves.

Beautiful Evening Dresses from the Milla Brand

Milla online store offers the most popular models of dresses that will not leave you indifferent. Find beautiful evening dresses in our collections on and order them at a bargain price with shipping across the USA and abroad. With our collection of Milla Nova evening dresses, you will be the queen of any festive event!

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