Be Better and Be Productive: Upgrade Your Breaks Today

The single best way to be more productive is to reduce your stress levels. Stress and mental strain make even simple tasks feel daunting. It can put up a massive roadblock between you and what you either want to do, or need to do. 

The good news is that one of the most effective ways to break that negative cycle and help boost your productivity is by using your breaks effectively. We are not designed to work long, uninterrupted hours on the same tasks; taking regular breaks (and doing more to relax and reset during these breaks) will do wonders for your stress levels and overall productivity. 

Here are some ideas on how to make the most of your break times and increase productivity.


Add Flavor for Easy Dopamine Boosts 

Eating well, enjoying a delicious drink, or (if you are a smoker) vaping can all be easy ways to boost your brain and delight your senses without too much extra mental strain. One of the best ways to get out of any negative mental feedback loop is to introduce a positive concept. The great range of Naked 100 from redjuice.co.uk can be just what you need to get that hit of flavor (and nicotine, if you so choose) in a matter of moments. 

If you aren’t a smoker, then pack delicious drinks or snacks for easy flavor boosts that can give your mind a different focus while you use the rest of the tips to help you reset and relax. 


Listen to Music 

Music is a powerful tool, but you won’t want to just listen to anything. Take the time to create a few short playlists that can help get you into the frame of mind you are looking for. 

If you find that you are anxious and your mind is racing, and you are finding it hard to focus then you may not want to listen to music at all—instead you might prefer a brown or white noise that can help quiet your brain and give you the time to actually relax. 


Drink a Sports Drink 

Water is great for when you are at your desk, but when you are on a break and want to feel refreshed, try a sports drink instead. Your body needs water and hydration in order to deposit nutrients and oxygen to your various systems. The reason why you will want to opt for a sports drink on your break instead is that the body needs electrolytes in order to process and actually use the water you drink. Having a sports drink on your break can help you feel better and can also give your body what it needs to hydrate more effectively with the water at your desk later on. 


Stretch, Move, and Jump 

Stretch, walk, go up some stairs, jump around—even dance! Movement is so important because it helps increase our circulation which, in turn, can help improve oxygen flow to the brain and can even help us shake off some of the physical symptoms of stress. If you can have fun with the little exercise portion of your break an increase productivity, do it. 


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