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10 Ways to Make a Positive Impact on Others

Even though we’re only one person, our collective actions can positively impact others and make a lasting beneficial mark. Whether you’re choosing to purchase vegan makeup to be more earth-friendly and kind to our animal friends or going out of your way to make someone happy, there are so many little things you can do every day. Here are just ten ways to get started to make a positive impact on others.


  • Be Positive at Work — You might work in the office with a few coworkers. You might work from home with a virtual team. You might just work for yourself as a freelancer. No matter how large or small your team, even with a team as small as just me, myself, and I, you can make a positive impact on others by being positive at work. You can spread positivity to your colleagues or clients by showing genuine interest and kindness in who they are outside of their title of Boss, Colleague, or Customer. Paying attention to what someone says and offering them a genuine smile goes a long way.
  • Commit to Improving Yourself — There are so many ways to improve yourself from the inside out. It might be practicing a healthy mantra and mindset every day to help radiate positivity within yourself and inspire others. It might be wearing vegan makeup to inspire others to join in that eco-conscious lifestyle. Take the initiative and learn something new. If there’s an activity you’re interested in doing with others but there’s no club or organization around you that seems to have that group activity, take the lead and organize the group yourself. When you commit to improving yourself, you inspire others to do the same.
  • Practice Gratitude — According to positive psychology research, practicing gratitude consistently and strongly is associated with overall greater happiness. Write down at least three to five things you’re grateful for every day. It could be small things like you were grateful for the sunrise this morning or snuggling with your dog at night. It could be big things like that promotion at work or the birth of your first child. Get into the habit of expressing gratitude, and others will be drawn to your positivity.


  • Volunteer at Homeless Shelters or Soup Kitchens — Speaking of practicing gratitude, one way to add something to your gratitude list is to find joy in helping others. Volunteer at homeless shelters or soup kitchens. You’ll be helping others in their time of need while meeting new people.
  • Use Products Consciously — Your voice matters. One way to show your voice is to speak with your wallet by buying from brands that give back. Consider a cruelty-free beauty box subscription if you’re already using beauty and skincare products. If they aren’t already cruelty-free, now is a great time to start. When you use products more consciously, you’ll be making a positive impact on others and the environment.
  • Buy Vegan Beauty and Skincare Products — When we talk about making a positive impact on others, we’re not just talking about other people. We’re also talking about the rest of the planet, including our animal friends. If you or someone you know loves beauty and skincare products, buy vegan skincare products instead.
  • Donate Supplies to Schools — You’d be surprised by schools in your very own neighborhood that need extra school supplies. There are teachers that are using their own hard-earned money to buy extra supplies for their own classrooms. Donate supplies to schools by finding schools near you that need extra supplies.
  • Donate Clothing — Before you toss that shirt from last season into the trash, consider donating your gently used clothing instead. Not everyone can afford a shiny new suit. You can make someone’s day and pay it forward by donating old work clothes you don’t use. Have a dress that you used to wear but doesn’t fit anymore? Someone else might feel like they light up the room in that dress you’re tired of.


  • Mentor or Tutor Someone — Maybe there was a subject you were really great at when you were in school—like math or science. Perhaps you know another language. If you’re a leader in your field, try mentoring someone who can learn from your expertise. As a mentor, you may have dozens and dozens of knowledgeable people in your field. If you have an intern or mentee you’re counseling, help them with the art of networking by introducing them to people you know who can help them grow in their career.
  • Recycle and Use Less Plastic — Reducing, reusing, and recycling are great ways to make a positive impact on others and others. Use less plastic by bringing reusable shopping bags when you go shopping. Don’t use single-use water bottles. Making these small changes to your daily routine can make a big impact.


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