4 Sporty Glasses That Will Go Easy on Your Pocket

The best sports glasses don’t just block the sun from your eyes, but they also help you perform better. The right pair of sports glasses will stay intact and do not fall, no matter how much you’re moving and sweating. Whether you’re marathon running or a mountain biker, a good pair of sports glasses are a must-have accessory.

There is no lack of eyewear choices these days, including top-notch optics for active lifestyles, thanks to developments in lens technology and light-as-a-feather frame materials. The best sports glasses protect your eyes safe from harmful ultraviolet rays, as well as wind, dirt, and anything else that might disturb your race, ride or run. They are also built to be aerodynamic and transpiration-friendly so that without worrying about your sweaty frames sliding down your face, you can concentrate on your performance.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazingly affordable sports glasses:


Rectangle Semi-Rimmed

Dress to impress with these rectangular sports glasses made with a feather-light and sturdy steel frame. With a matt finish for that elegant feel, these semi-rimmed glasses will make you look good throughout the day. With top-notch quality and a frame that never gets sweaty and slippery, you get the best fit in various climates and terrains. These sports glasses have lenses for optimum depth perception, sharpness, and contrast for various outdoor conditions, and are a much better option than your go-to regular pair of glasses.


Grey Semi Rimmed

These sports glasses can be ideal for running, skiing or cycling. They are one of the best and safest choices. These sunglasses have patented lens coatings that are anti-reflective, avoid fogging, can block UVA, UVB, and UVC rays that don’t flatten your vision. Sports sunglasses typically have wrapped lenses so that they can provide you with a wider field of vision and prevent eye strain.


Green Full Rimmed

When you are looking to buy sports glasses, you would want the ones you could wear from afternoon to sundown. Always consider what you would expect to encounter, such as the climate, terrain, and altitude while buying sports glasses. If your frames need to withstand grime, water, heat, and other factors, be very picky. If you’re a cyclist, don’t forget to consider whether your helmet would be suiting your glasses or not. An aerodynamic design is a must-have feature of sports glasses that ensures that they don’t get overheated during outdoor activities. These sports glasses might look ordinary, but they block 99 per cent of UV rays, despite having the most traditional style.


Classic Rimless

These sports glasses are comfortable and sturdy enough for all-day wear due to its lightweight. They fit comfortably and don’t slip while performing any activity, but it is worth noting that they are most suitable for medium to wide faces. They’re also available in a number of tints and a photochromatic options, so you have choices depending on the type of sports you play. The wide field of vision and the slight curve in the lens will allow you to see more of the road, while the comfortable bridge will make the frame rest on your face comfortably. It is a smart investment at an affordable price point.

This comes down to two key points of purchase: comfort and lenses. Your new sports glasses should be comfortable and not restricting. The nose pads, arms, and bridge should all match and be sturdy enough to enable you to play any sport. The lenses of sports glasses block ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB) in all circumstances. There are various reputed brands like Titan Eyeplus that offers you a wide variety of sports glasses at pocket-friendly prices. Avail the virtual try-on or visit a store near you. Play your sports in style and stay protected!


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