7 Style Hacks for Short Women to Create the Illusion of Height 

7 Style Hacks for Short Women to Create the Illusion of Height 

For women who aren’t gifted with the height of catwalk supermodels, you’ll be glad to hear that there are stylish hacks you can use to create the illusion of height without having to wear uncomfortable heels that are anything but subtle. 


1. Wear nude shoes

Shoes that match the shade of your skin make your legs look longer. Even more so if you wear heels (obviously) but nude flats will do the trick too. As an added bonus, given there’s no colour matching, they’ll go with any outfit. 


2. Wear a thin belt above your torso

Thin belts are great for adding style to any outfit. Wear it higher than waist-level to accentuate your bust. Because the belt’s sitting higher, your legs look longer. 


3. Embrace monochromatic dressing

Monochromatic dressing just means wearing one colour only so it’s an easy look to pull off.  The trick to pulling this off without compromising style is to work with shades of complementary colours.

Navy, charcoals and darker shades of green worn on the bottom half with a lighter shade on top draws the eye to the upper part of your body. 

4. Downsize your handbag

No outfit is complete without the right bag. The bigger your bag, the shorter you’ll look so opt for smaller compact bags to compliment your figure and height.

For shoulder bags, don’t have it hanging down below waist level. Hang at bust-level, which will work even better if you’re wearing a thin belt at a bust level too. 


5. V-Neck Tops

Wear v-neck tops to elongate your neckline drawing the eye upwards. It’s also going to make your shoulders more pronounced.

For added emphasis on the upper part of your body, accessorize your outfit with a necklace. 


6. High-Waist Clothing

There’s more to high-rise fashion lines than just skinny jeans, which although are tremendous for creating the illusion of height, you’ll get bored of the same look fairly fast.

The Empire design is great for taller women as the clothes are designed to have the waist sit above your natural waistline.

Empire dresses or tops with the waistline sitting right below your bust are your best option to look taller. Even more so on Empire dresses with a V-neck design. 


7. Finish the look with an up-do

Shorter hairstyles tend to downplay height, but if you have long hair and don’t want it cut short, just wear it up to add centimetres.

High ponytails and all bun types are effective hairstyles to increase how tall you look. You could also comb back your hair to highlight your facial features. 


In Conclusion

With a little forward-planning, women on the shorter side on the height scale can dress in style, look taller and feel comfortable too.

Platform shoes and striped designs aren’t your only options to create the illusion of height.

V-Neck designs, Empire dresses and tops along with high-waist fashion lines are your go-to wardrobe staples to look taller and dress in style.


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