What Does Your Swimwear Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Swimwear Say About Your Personality?

Summer is one of the most-awaited and most-favoured seasons, especially for the ladies. This is the time where you can enjoy dipping and swimming in the water, embrace the glistening rays of the sun, take the opportunity of sun-bathing or skin tanning, and proudly flaunt your beloved swimwear and summer-ready body.

But ladies, do you believe in the saying that “you are what you wear”? This simply means that how you dress or whatever your choice of clothing style is, deeply and highly replicates your personality.

Well, whether you believe in that saying or not, you better bring more excitement this summer season by knowing about what your choice of swimwear says about your personality and the people around you. If this doesn’t excite you, I don’t know which will. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and figure it out.



What is bikini swimwear?

Bikini swimwear or popularly known as “two-piece” swimsuit is usually bra-type top partnered with below-the-navel-cut bottoms or panty.



Personality check:

If you love bikini swimwear, you’re undeniably fearless, free-spirited, and sexy inside and out. You’re confident enough to present yourself to people whether you’re deeply-connected with them or not.

You and the ladies who prefer bikini swimwear aren’t afraid of showing who you really are.  You’re always honest and transparent about your thoughts and opinions.

You can’t be tamed easily by others because you’re not just sexy but smart and clever too. You have an amazing dose of self-confidence and self-reliance so you rarely depend on people.

Also, you aren’t someone who will stumble down and cry yourself to sleep. Instead, you always get back up to your knees and fight harder and transform into a stronger version of yourself to face the challenges of life.



What is a one-piece swimwear?

It’s a one-piece type of swimsuit that’s normally made sexier with cuts in the middle or lower back parts of the garment.

Nowadays, one-piece swimwear is made even more attractive by putting creative cut-outs more than just in the middle or lower back part of the swimsuit (since they work well even with best pentair pool heater).



Personality check:

Are you a fan of a one-piece swimwear? Well, if you’re fond of wearing it and choosing it no matter what, this shows that you possibly have this personality that chooses to preserve yourself a little. Yet, you still make sure that you’ll look pleasing and sexy in the right way.

You’re not an easy-going person. You live in a world where knowing the truth lies between the connections of the eyes. You rarely believe hearsay and you’re absolutely a good keeper of secrets.

You have a commendable principle and integrity in life. You’re always after truth and facts first. And you’re the kind of lady who’s clever and smart at the same time. But you’re also good in hiding.


What is an active swimwear?

This is a type of swimwear especially and carefully made for those who love swimming, diving, and other water activities that require much movements and energy.


Personality check:

You’re a sporty, adventurous, active, athletic, and fearless lady if you’re one of those who love active swimwear. Like how you go through the waves in the ocean, you can creatively and patiently look into the obstacles of life with an optimistic point of view.

You’re goal-oriented and brave enough to look for solutions for every challenge and never ever have occurred in your thought of giving up. Moreover, you’re friendly but you’re limiting your circles with the people whom you can trust the most and can get along with you through the ups and downs of your life.

When it comes to your lifestyle, you choose to be as healthy and as physically active as you can. You’re keen on the things that benefit you and the things that stress you out.



What is a tankini swimwear?

Just like the bikini swimwear, the tankini swimwear is a two-piece type of a swimsuit. However, with tankini, the navel is covered and partnered with any bottoms of your choice.


Personality check:

Are you totally head over heels wearing tankini swimwear? Well, this swimwear reveals how much you love being around with the crowd. And that’s simply because you’re friendly and loves talking to people.

You’re a good speaker and also a good listener. Your friends always look up to your pieces of advice because you have so many lessons in life hidden in the muscles in your head.


What is a swimdress?

Unlike the one-piece swimwear, a swimdress is a single garment with an attached skirt. The skirt falls and looks like a short dress in one look that’s why it’s called a swimdress.


Personality check:

Ladies like you who love to choose swimdress over other types of swimwear has great supply feminineness in you. You’re too lovely and classy to handle most of the times.

You have a great sense of fashion and an excellent clothing presenter. You have this personality that easily makes people love being around you or talking with you.



What is a custom swimwear?

A customised swimwear or custom swimwear is a type of swimsuit that’s tailor-fitted for someone who requested it to be created just for them.

So to say, it’s personalised and tailored accordingly to the desires and/or body type of the customer.


Personality check:

You’re an adventurous, creative, cheerful, and lively lady if you love custom swimwear. You choose whatever makes you feel good and happy. You’re evidently contented in life and whatever you have in it.

You’re always ready to explore new things even on your own or with a pile of your friends. What makes it more awesome to know such a person like you is that you aren’t afraid to go on a different road, to say it easier, you just don’t get along with the trends easily.

You’re free-spirited and you have such an amazing personality that surely every people loves about you. Sometimes, you just enjoy life on your own and enjoy it to the fullest.


Final thoughts

Woah! Wasn’t that fun? Who would’ve thought that a simple swimwear can reveal well, if not all, and then let’s say at least something about your personality?

I told you that’s it’s something that’s exciting to read. But like what ladies are mostly known for, all ladies are mysterious and magical in their most unique ways. You can either find your personality that falls on the “swimdress” section as well as the “custom swimwear section”.

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