Outfit Advice for Stylish Yet Practical People

Not everyone sees high fashion as a top priority. Similarly, not everyone cares about how practical their clothes might be so long as they serve their purpose. In the middle, there are people who appreciate and enjoy good style but refuse to sacrifice practicality. It can be difficult sometimes to strike the perfect balance between looking good and feeling prepared for any task. Often, fashion can be restrictive and limiting, such as pencil skirts that make long strides impossible or tight jackets that make lifting your arms a chore. Keep reading to find advice on how to create stylish yet practical outfits that suit your lifestyle.

Concentrate on Comfort

One of the biggest factors when it comes to practical clothing is the element of comfort. This feels different for each individual, as some people are willing to put up with different levels of discomfort for different lengths of time. For example, you might be happy to wear high heels for a few hours at a wedding but refuse to endure the pain for a whole workday. When creating a stylish yet practical outfit, choose pieces that you feel comfortable in, whether that means they fit well or the fabric is soft on your skin.

Find Clothes with Adequate Pockets

If you find it impractical to always carry a bag everywhere you go, pockets can be a lifesaver. Unfortunately, they are also hard to find. If you are willing to put in the work and patience it requires to track down pieces that are made with pockets that don’t disrupt the cohesion of the design, then you can expect to enjoy the freedom of leaving your bags at home.

Choose Comfortable Footwear

Footwear that doesn’t make you feel trapped or unable to walk is incredibly valuable to a practical outfit. Comfortable sneakers or women’s cowboy boots are excellent choices for a casual outfit, whereas smart lace-up boots or flat shoes are good for formal occasions. Whatever lets you feel mobile and agile is the best choice.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Part of being practical is owning objects that serve a purpose. This includes clothes. A great way to make sure that you are making the most of everything in your closet is to transition to a capsule wardrobe. This means reducing the amount of clothes you possess so you can fully appreciate each piece. If you don’t like the idea of parting with a majority of your clothes, simply store them somewhere out of sight for a few months. If you find that you didn’t miss them in that time, consider selling or donating them to a new home.

Have Some Go-To Outfits

Planning outfits in advance helps reduce the friction of getting dressed every day. By knowing what you are going to wear the day before, you won’t have to feel rushed in the morning when confronted with too much choice. Some people even go so far as to develop a personal uniform that ensures they remain stylish while focusing on more important things.


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