The 13 Biggest Fashion Trends of Summer 2019

The 13 Biggest Fashion Trends of Summer 2019

If you did our season personality test and you’re a free-spirited and experimental summer soul, you’re in luck – your favourite season is here (in the Northern Hemisphere). We’ve rounded up the biggest fashion trends of summer to look out for.


1. Empowering Swimwear Trend: Low-Back Swimsuits

The choice between a one-piece and a bikini has plagued women for decades. A one-piece seems too conservative, a bikini – too revealing.

Enter low-back swimsuits – super chic and subtly sexy. Styles in this season range from slinky straps and high-cut legs to opulent details and square necklines. You can choose from feminine prints, gleaming metallic fabrics, minimalist cuts, and more.

The more conventionally-minded might lean toward simple one-tone suits, in which case black or red would be the best option.

Don’t worry, nobody remembers Baywatch and its bleached blond beaches anymore, and red is a fabulous colour for swimwear. If you really want to stand out though, you won’t go wrong with electric yellow or an animal print.

Leopard spots have been in style for quite some time, but giraffe prints are slowly starting to take their place. Feminine florals, one-pieces with a lace-up back, pop buttons, and one-shoulder swimsuits are just some suggestions.


2. Statement Bikinis

If you wouldn’t be seen dead in anything but a bikini on the beach or poolside, then more power to you.

The swimwear market is rife with statement bikinis this summer, which feature extras like belts, ruffles, and even cap sleeves. Explore new and fashionable bikini in Dubai online.


3. Tie-Dye

The major print in SS2019 is tie-dye. If we’re to judge by Stella McCartney and Prada’s latest collections, effortless slip dresses would be the best choice on a hot day.

The psychedelic scheme will draw all gazes to you like a magnet, and what’s even better, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for attention.

Tie-dye is not limited to dresses, of course. The print is showing up on statement jeans, ultramodern tops, and refreshing cap sleeve blouses. You could say something truly great is back from the 90s.

The most popular colour combinations are purple and blue or red and burnt orange. Pair a top in these hues with slouchy, white pants or a pair of jeans.  

4. Bermuda Shorts and Bike Shorts

Finally, something as undeniably comfortable as Bermuda shorts and bike shorts is now trendy as well. This is an unexpected blast from the past that we’re dying to style.

The slimming shorts come in denim, silk, and even leather. Rock them with a lightweight jacket or a statement fringed blouse.

One notable manifestation of this trend with a comforting vintage feel are frayed denim shorts – they can be worn in an endless variety of ways. A lot of designers have lavender silk or satin lavender shorts in their collections.

For an elegant evening look, pair beige, black, or white silk-twill shorts with a knitted tank top and a pair of stylish flats.

Chanel’s summer collection features surprisingly basic bike shorts, and when you have a designer of this calibre’s stamp of approval, there’s no need to wonder if you can wear a pair to an upcoming event you’re excited about.

Shorts augmented by a logo waistband are a great option, especially if you’ve never tried them before. For something with a progressive, snazzy feel, go for a pair of leather bike shorts embellished with rhinestones.  


5. Strappy Sandals

Versatile, functional strappy sandals are the footwear equivalent of tie-dye tops (by the way, tie-dyed sneakers are in too, while we’re on the subject of shoes).

Strappy Sandals

Simple and sleek, they are an obvious choice for a smart woman who appreciates the pragmatism of a mid-height heel. The most popular colors are white, black, snakeskin, coral, and lime.


6. Flip-Flops

If strappy sandals aren’t your thing, you’ll be happy to know flip-flops are back from the 90s too.

Admittedly, their modern iteration is a much fancier take on what is stored in our teenage memory bank. A minimalist touch characterizes thong sandals this summer.

If you’re looking for an office-to-beach vibe, a pair of leather flats will capture it perfectly. These can be paired with a fringe skirt or slouchy slacks.

Flip-flops can be worn to any official or formal event in their stiletto heel version. Celebrities like Sara Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian West are championing the trend.


7. Sea-Inspired Jewellery

Resort-ready jewellery augmented with shell shapes and other nautical motifs is a must on your SS2019 accessory list. Necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets all reflect the marine trend.

The latest designs have cropped up as hair accessories, dangling earrings, and ring embellishments. A pair of shell resin earrings wouldn’t be out of place anywhere.

Some artsy take on the trend yields a more elegant and realistic option than the conventional earrings that reach down to the shoulder.

Not that we have anything against them; it’s just not practical to have to watch they don’t get tangled in your hair or your top the whole time.

Neon green is hot this summer, so if this colour is appealing to you, you can incorporate it in the form of a pair of vintage earrings.

Our favourite jewellery trend by far is mismatched hook earrings. Lightweight and modern, these statement pieces will add the final touch to your confident summer look.


8. Totes, Baskets, and Shoulder Bags

Fanny packs are gone. This summer, we’re looking at oversized shopping bags, another practical trend, cute totes, baskets, and shoulder bags.

Designers like Michael Kors are leading the way, magically transporting us to the beaches of French Polynesia.

Shoulder Bags

Back to reality: if you’ve settled on the swimwear and accessories, it’s time to think about what’s going to hold all your stuff for you. When it comes to accessories, bags are no less important than jewellery.

The good news is that there are totes, shoulder bags, shopping bags, and baskets for every preference.

We’ll start with mixed fibres because they’re the most impressive visually. Chanel conceived a net bag made of different fibres and colours – green, pink, and orange – complete with a pink lambskin coin purse and held by a silver metal chain.

Bear with us as we laud the virtues of canvas carryall type bags. These come in wonderfully intricate designs and prints this season.

Our favourite combination is pink, lavender, purple and white with beading and other embellishments. Another interesting print is preppy plaid.

It is right at home by your side as you relax, listening to the sea waves caress the shore, and you’ll have no qualms taking this large coated canvas shopper to the supermarket when you’re done with the beach for the day.

Yet another 90s trend, and one that’s everywhere this summer: cute, slinky shoulder bags. Nothing exudes the freshness and freedom of summer like a lemon or lime shoulder bag with a gold metal chain.

Japanese-inspired carryalls are also a very attractive accessory. They are roomy and can fit quite a lot of possessions. Peach, lavender, and electric lime are the most popular colours. 

Speaking of French Polynesia – a woven jute bag is all you need to be transported to that paradise on Earth.

We think practical is empowering when it comes to clothes and accessories, and a colourful basket bag will complement a one-tone, one-piece swimsuit quite well. If net, it has the added bonus of keeping sand out.

Natural fibers are in, which is great news for eco-conscious summer lovers. 

If you’re someone who’s into luxury/designer handbags, we suggest investing in second-hand designer bags.


9. Bucket Hats

Relegate straw hats to Instagram – printed bucket hats have replaced them. These run the gamut of prints from polka-dot to floral. There is a great variation when it comes to prices as well.


10. One-Shoulder Tank Tops

One-shoulder tank tops are making a comeback with a variety of embellishments in an array of colors. The style is great for short ladies with slight frames because one-shoulder designs elongate the silhouette.  

One-Shoulder Tank Tops


11. Puffed Shoulders

Puffed-shoulder blouses and dresses work very well with square necklines because they add a nice feminine touch. They’re often gathered at the shoulder with elastic pleats.

This style is most suitable for pear-shaped figures. On that note, NewYorkDress has a very helpful article on their blog about how to pick the right dress style depending on your body type.

One important tip on puffed shoulders – wear in warm, dry weather only. A jacket on top will flatten the puffs.


12. Pleats

Pleats came in style last year, but it wasn’t until this year that they really entered their heyday.

Micro pleats, in particular, create a more fluctuating silhouette as they contract and expand and generate more movement. This way, they guarantee maximum impact.


13. Waterproof

You can never be too prepared for the weather’s whims. Even a cloudless, sunny day can transform into a rainy and windy one in as little as half an hour. Waterproof coats are your best friend.

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a few honourable mentions as far as embellishments, materials, and prints go. In that order: feathers, net, and polka dots or spots.

Thank you for reading and have fun dressing for summer.

Do make the most of these comfortable and practical clothes, shoes, and accessories and remember that while people notice your attire, what they really see is you.

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