Kitty Party Theme Ideas For Women

Kitty Party Theme Ideas For Women

What Happens At A Kitty Party?

A kitty party is a form of socialising made specifically by the wealthy Indian and Pakistani women.

It was made on the informality, that all the attending women would put a small sum of money each into a pot, or a ‘kitty’ hence the name ‘kitty party’. This pot is then handed over to one member of the group, each time they have an event. 

The females only get together is usually organised as an afternoon event that happens monthly, with each member of the group being the host at one time or another.

The rule of the host is to organise the food, drink, location and any other additions to the event, allowing the women to come in and gossip to their heart’s content.  

When it comes to holding a kitty party for yourself, there are a number of different themes and styles that you can use.

In this article, we will be sharing many exciting ways that you too can incorporate when organising a kitty party for you and your group of friends, helping to make your next kitty party that little bit more entertaining. 


1. Hawaiian 

Kitty Party Theme Ideas For Women

Ask your ladies to come dressed as though you were on holiday. Pull out the maxi dresses, floral shirts and floral Lei necklaces in order to truly capture the theme of Hawaii. 

If the kitty party is being hosted at a home, then feel free to decorate the area with flowers, straw style plates and cups, and offer a garland or two to each member as they arrive.

The best aspect of this theme is the chance to be fun, playing with colour as you see fit. Each decoration can be a contrasting, illuminating colour to brighten up the atmosphere and make the conversation bold and flowing, just like your maxi dresses!


2. Mughal 

With this idea, guests will have the opportunity to revel in the true style of a kitty party. By running a Mughal theme, the host will be able to flaunt each of their features from the royal floor length anarkalis, Shararas and the most delectable salwar suits. 

Like most of us when it comes to special occasions and weddings, we often treat ourselves, buying dazzling dresses that often get hung in the back of the wardrobe, never to be worn again.

A kitty party is a perfect opportunity to bring out those outfits, wearing again to be admired amongst friends. Don’t be afraid to go even further and accessorise the outfit with Polki jewellery and Jhoomars.

Unsure what to wear to a Mughal kitty party? Consider wearing Anarkalis, Shararas, heavily detailed Salwar suits and Gararas, outfits that you have only used once or twice in the past. 

When it comes to organising your Mughal kitty party, we recommend taking over the venue with a satin or organza drapery, artificial flowers and abiotic lighting with candles or dim light bulbs with an orange hue.

By creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, your guests can unwind and gossip away in pure comfort. 


3. Retro

Kitty Party Theme Ideas For Women

Gaining in popularity, the kitty party theme of retro has become a top choice for party organisers.

Dressing up in the styles of the ’60s has increasingly become more popular within the last few years; this is because it is definitely one of the most exciting styles with a selection of options.

Allowing guests to get experimental with colour, patterns and all-out crazy clothing, we recommend looking at the clothing of the era, and try to mimic the bell-bottom trousers, voluminous bouffant hair and jazzy neon tops. 

When decorating the venue, cover the seats and tables, adding a display of pop art decorations and polka dot drapery in order to fully capture the time of year in every aspect.

In doing this, any modern style furniture will soon be transformed into that of the ’60s, and won’t clash against the amazing outfits that you and all your guests will be wearing.


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4. Bollywood

This is, in fact, a popular theme used often by groups of women all over, preparing for their very own kitty parties. The way in which this is usually conducted is by offering the invited ladies the chance to dress up as their favourite Bollywood hero or heroine. 

Then, when decorating the venue, consider hanging the most famous Bollywood movie posters over the walls, capturing the Bollywood theme.

For those wanting to go further, place cardboard cutouts of characters or scenes around the room, creating the perfect backdrop for movie-inspired photos.


5. Black And White 

This theme is one of the most self-explanatory, and one that will not be difficult to execute. Black and white are two of the most easily composable colours to turn into outfits, decorations and designs. 

Ask your members to come dressed as fancy or as casual as they wish, in either delicate white or mysterious blacks, and enjoy your hosting at a white cloth dinner table, surrounded by dark and sparkly napkins, cutlery and drapery. It’s a very simple and hassle-free theme to choose that won’t lack in creativity and style. 


6. Red Carpet

Three beautiful and cherrful women ready to party in fashionable clothes.

This theme is for the women who are fond of the glitz and glamour, and making a statement amongst their friends! For this, the dress-code will be over the top, ballgowns and heels to reach the higher skies. 

Women can even wear long and beautifully flowing saris, paired with their rich jewellery accessories for a breath-taking, yet traditional look. 

For the venue, sticking to the high-quality pieces is the best way to replicate that of an awards function.

To be stereotypical and entirely on the theme, a red carpet should not go amiss and should be the only greeting offered when arriving at the kitty party venue.

Then, arrange the seating in large, round table formats decorated evenly with floristry and name placements.

Consider hiring a personal photographer to take images of the host and their guest on the red carpet, before printing and offering images to help remember the event with. 


7. Fashion Themed

Bring back the passion for fashion, and organise a kitty party where your guests can arrive head to toe in their best get up. Dress up with the latest styles, trends and with all the accessories you can fit on your body in order to look like a kitty party fresh off the runway. 

To really accentuate this theme, why not try and decorate the venue like a high-end fashion store.

With rails, bags and shoes positioned aesthetically around the room, and if you can, some store style mannequins dressed in the latest trends.

To add even more pizzazz, why not layer the tables and chairs with funky patterned materials such as cheetah prints and pop style colours to make the venue look like a real catwalk show.


What Is The Money Raised Used For?

Aside from the themes, the kitty party is of course made in order to help raise money for a chosen nominee at each event. 

The kitty party money raised by the group of women is done on the basis of a somewhat informal savings pot.

With the amount of money raised at each kitty party varying depending, guests are invited to be as generous as they wish depending on their circumstances. 

Because of this, a kitty pot may be made up of a small amount of money, helping to either contribute to the transport costs for the upcoming month, school fees for that member’s children or even books, stationery and clothing. 

For some kitty parties, where wealthier women will put in a larger sum of money, the money will instead be spent on a treat, something that they do not particularly need but are purchasing instead for the ‘fun of it’.

The lucky lady that will get presented the pot for the month will be more than enough money to purchase herself a new statement jewellery piece or accessory to flaunt at the next gathering. 



There are so many ideas that women can use to create a fabulous and entertaining kitty party. With only a handful of ideas suggested above, there are no limitations when it comes to organising a kitty party for yourself.

With the ability to be as creative and experimental as you wish, unleash your inner personality when organising your next kitty party. 

Kitty parties are an amazing option for a get together for those wanting a well-deserved catch-up and good time with good friends.

Along with catching up and enjoying a gossip or two, being able to raise a small amount of money for each lady in the group too shows just how amazing women can be, and how much they think of their loved ones. 

When it comes to organising a party and catching up with friends, consider an exciting and extravagant kitty party while donating and giving to a good cause.

Along with organising an afternoon to remember, turn up looking your best, feeling your best and knowing that you are creating memories with good friends. 

Why not turn it into a little competition, and see who can create the best theme for the group members?

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