Tailor's Tips to Buying a Bespoke Suit For Your Husband

Tailor’s Tips to Buying a Bespoke Suit For Your Husband

No matter what is your occupation, you all are in the business or self-salesmanship. Every day you might be selling to clients, employers, and business partners. And there is no more influential outfit than a bespoke suit.

It is a garment that is properly styled and cut and provides confidence.

Comprising trousers and jacket in the matching clot, the suit today has changed a little as compared to the last century.

There are fluctuations as per the fashion trends. Select a suit of quality and timeless style, and it will last for a longer period of time. 


Tips to buy a bespoke suit for your husband

Tailor's Tips to Buying a Bespoke Suit For Your Husband

What to Consider

First, you need to find out for what purpose you want to buy a suit. 

The suit bought for work is for an office environment or to wear for a summer wedding.

Also, you must give although that for are you trying to communicate through the suit and what kind of image you want to create? What type of climate conditions it must be worn in — does it require to warm or keep you cool? 

This attribute is going to tell about the cloth: lighter, cotton, wool, linen, or, heavier worsted, flannel, cashmere or vicuna for colder months.

Also, there are style preferences such as single-breasted or double jacket, flat-front or pleated trousers and two- or three-piece, peak or notch lapel?

Single-breasted is conservative and versatile while double-breasted is dashing, having a slim effect on heavier man. A peak lapel provides a sense of athleticism to man with the sloping shoulders.

Budget and body kind tell whether you select a made-to-measure, ready-to-wear, or bespoke suits. The man with a larger stomach than chest has little choice but to select a bespoke suit. 

The slim gents are sufficiently served by altered off-the-rack and efficient made-to-measure service.

A man in great shape must strongly consider bespoke that will allow to co-design a long-lasting suit, made as per his unique specifications and measurements.


How it must fit?

Fit is a key concern when purchasing a suit. The suit should fit a man perfectly and depicts the better attributes and hide the weak points that it is the ultimate goal of the suit.

The quick way to deliver an unpleasant impression is tight-fitting. The fit must be neither tight nor loose and a man must be able to sit comfortably. He must feel comfortable in a buttoned jacket. 

If the bespoke suits for your husband bind you and make look uncomfortable, then it is not possible to look natural and stylish. 


Shoulders and Chest

Shoulders must be wide so that a person must feel comfortable to move in. The sleeves should fall without breaking the upper sleeve and must be not so wide to make your head look small.

If the shoulders are very narrow, then they cannot be widened. The same goes for a tight chest that is impossible for a tailor to provide a specific remedy for it. 


Tailor's Tips to Buying a Suit For Your Husband


Lapel Notch Height

It must sit high enough on the chest to create a long upward sweeping line but it must not be too high as to make the coat look as if it is being pulled backwards.

The notch placement is another feature that cannot be altered.


Waist Button

Waist button is the most important detail in the jacket. Also, it is the more prevalent design flaw of a modern trendy shorter jacket.

The waist button is the garment’s important point, its centre and the dividing line between the custom tailors lower and upper sections.

If the waist button is too high then it shortens the torso. If the waist button is too low, then it lowers the waist. However, if the jacket’s waist button is too high, then there is no solution.



It must hug the neck when the head turns and leave 1/2 to 3/4 of the inch of the shirt collar.

Take care of proper gap, where a jacket sits away from the collar of the shirt.


Jacket Arm

The length of the must show 1/2 to 3/4 of the inch of the shirt sleeve. It must be tapered so it does not bellow around the cuff of the shirt.

The bespoke suit must be long to cover the buttocks and short to give the long a leg line. 



They must rest on the waist and opposed to the hips, so the line continues of the jacket from above.

Trouser rise that is the distance between the waistband and the base of crotch must be long enough to enable the trouser waistband to sit near the waist and jacket’s waist button. Side pockets must lay flat. 

The leg must be “cut to provide a full to the narrow taper line down to the ankle.

The trouser bottom opening must be as per the one’s shoe size. If the UK size is 11 or more, the trouser bottom opening must not be less than 20.

However, if the UK shoe size is between 8 to 1 then the trouser bottom opening must be between 16 and 19 1/2 inches, depending on one’s requirement.

If you want to install cuff with thin connection to wearer’s height such as below 5 ft. 10 inches in height then the cuff width can be 1 5/8 inch.

Above the mentioned height, then the cuff width of 1 3/4 to 2 inch can be considered.



Tailor's Tips to Buying a Bespoke Suit For Your Husband

The selection of fabric texture and weight tells how a suit drapes on your body and its appropriateness to the environmental conditions.

The pattern determines whether the suit will flatter on you or not. The wool cloths seem the choice for warm climates, but they are very delicate and get easily damaged or worn out, with a shorter lifespan.

They are also trickier for tailor as compared to heavy and medium weight cloth. You can prefer a medium weight cloth of 10 ounces that gives more shape and structure than lightweight cloth.

If the medium weight cloth is cut well and prepared well then it gives you comfort and holds the shape in a better way as compared to lighter cloth.

When the fit is not snug, and then provides you with ventilation and airflow. Anything that hugs you won’t breathe as well. For proper ventilation, an open weave cloth such as fresco wool, hopsack, or good Irish linen.

These kinds of fabrics serve during summer and spring. Sturdier flannel land worsted will do splendidly in autumn and winter as it can carry more structure.

Insofar as selecting cloth patterns, it depends on the body type.

The stout gentleman must avoid light colours, bold patterns and shiny textures that emphasise his girth, a pinstripe create a flattering vertical line.

The shorter guy must not wear big plaids and very dark or light colours.

They must go for opting for medium tones and small patterns. The very tall man must try textured cloth such as linen, flannel, and tweed and must not afraid of plaid.

The muted tones help the big and muscular fellow look less forbidding. 



Tailor's Tips to Buying a Bespoke Suit For Your Husband

By employing the levels of padding and lining, suit jackets or bespoke suits can be made rigidly structured, fluid and light as a shirt.

The heavily structured suit makes a fellow look stand ramrod straight and gives him a heroic silhouette.

As such it can be perfect for a formal occasion like a wedding, but is overly restrictive during the workday and will lessen the comfort in a leisure setting.

The benefit of a lightly structured suit is the supreme comfort. The formal cut follows the natural shape of the body.

Don’t add any padding, build-up shoulders or the chest. You can add a little waist suppression for creating a shape. 

The look and silhouette are sophisticated than the military kind of suit. Soft tailoring is luxurious and comfortable.

The unstructured tailoring can be incredibly comfortable with the feeling of the much like a second shirt. It’s unrestrictive and cool as a casual gear and sportswear.

With the lack of structure, it follows the body’s form, doing little to make the sense of the athletic silhouette. 

Hence, above-mentioned are some of the tailor’s tips that will help to buy a bespoke suit for your husband.

Your husband is going to love the bespoke suits selected by you.


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