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How to Take Care of Your Eyes in Summer

Summer is the favorite season of the year for many people. It is the time for vacation, shopping, outdoor pool, and enjoying the beach. While enjoying these summer activities, we take care of our skin, but we often forget to protect our eyes. FYI, direct sunlight, chlorinated water, and even air conditioning can damage and irritate our eyes in the long term. Therefore, we have presented some essential tips for you to help you take care of your eyes in the summer.

Use Qualitative Sunglasses

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We always apply sun protection cream in the summer, but our eyes also need protection from the sun. Whether on vacation on the beach, in leisure time at the lake, or on the weekend strolling through town, sunglasses are the best way to combat harmful UV radiation. Thus, sunglasses should be chosen according to the protection they provide from the sun. For instance, UV 400 and polarized can be the best choice. Sunglass lenses that offer protection against infrared rays in addition to UV protection are even better. Infrared rays make up 40 percent of sunlight. They heat up the components of the eye and can damage them in the long term through warming – because our eyes cannot sweat and thus cool down.

Special Care in Water

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The summer pool party is the family’s first choice, while some people like to bet at the beach in the hot sun. However, you need to know that salt in the seawater and chlorine in the pool water can irritate your eyes. You might have observed burning or red eyes after being in the pool or sea the whole day. You can protect your eyes with swimming goggles. They protect the eyes from direct contact with the water. If the swimming goggles are not your thing, then you can avoid opening your eyes when you dive or crawl in the water. If the eye is irritated, a healing eye ointment from the pharmacy can alleviate the symptoms.

Keep your Eyes Moist at Home or Office

Air conditioning systems in shops, in the office, or when taking a flight on vacation also irritate the eyes in summer and dry them out. To prevent this, it can help to make sure to blink more often in everyday life to encourage the flow of tears. If that is not enough, eye drops bring relief. They help to make up for the lack of tear fluid. It is also generally advisable to drink a lot in summer to keep the body hydrated. On the other hand, if you are at a function and wearing brown false eyelashes, you should blink more often to moisten your eyes. You may not want to ruin your makeup by throwing water or eye drops.

Carry First-Aid Kit

Whether on vacation, traveling, or for weekend trips, those who are on the road for a long time are always well advised to have a small first-aid kit. In the summer months, eye ointments drop for eyes, and similar other products should be carried. In addition, the sunglasses should always be in your hand luggage or handbag, so they are quick to hand when you are in the sun.


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