7 Maintenance Jobs Every Household Should Keep on Top Of

Whether you enjoy household chores or not, there’s no doubt that keeping on top of home maintenance is a must-do for a healthy, happy property. Unfortunately, while interior design can be an enjoyable pastime, and regular cleaning can even be therapeutic, home maintenance jobs especially the big ones can easily slip under the radar or be purposefully avoided. 

To make sure your home stays protected and to avoid any huge repair bills in the future, the following seven maintenance jobs are ones you should definitely add to your regular to-do list. 

1. Check Your Brickwork

Make sure to take time to check the integrity of your brickwork on the exterior of your property. This can wear over time, and especially after periods of extreme weather, your brickwork could have suffered damage that needs attending to. 

2. Check Your Roof

The same applies to your roof, too. This can be one job easily missed and where damage can easily go unseen. Try to get into the habit of checking your roof, or get a professional to check it for you for damaged or cracked tiles.

3. Check Your Alarms Regularly

Whether it’s a fire alarm or a house alarm, all your alarms are there to keep you safe. That means you need to regularly check to see if they’re working properly, especially if they run off batteries that might need to be replaced. A good routine to get into is checking your alarms once a month. 

4. Guttering Cleaning

It’s essential for your guttering to be kept clean so that you don’t risk damage to your property, such as exterior wall damage or leaks into your home. Be sure your guttering is clear of debris and check particularly in the fall if leaves are falling from nearby trees.

5. Drain Cleaning

You don’t want to risk drain blockages which at best can cause extreme inconvenience to your household, and at worst, can cause damage to your pipes and a much larger expense. Keeping your drains clean with an expert plumbing service means you don’t have to worry about your plumbing system being in perfect working order. 

6. Check for Pests

If you don’t venture into your attic space or basement much, then it’s always possible you might have pests that had made it their home without you knowing. However, you can get into a routine of checking for pests by:

  • Paying attention to any sudden noises
  • Checking the space for droppings
  • Checking the space for damage, such as chewed wood 

7. Review Your Insurance Policies 

It may be that you’ve had a rolling policy covered for a certain amount, such as contents insurance, but if you’ve made any additional big purchases since first taking out your policy, it’s important to review it. Even if you haven’t made any changes contents wise, be sure to always double-check your policy during every renewal so you can be sure all information is correct or whether the price has increased.

A home maintenance list will be exclusive to your property type, but these 7 points are a great starting point for your regular checklist.


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