How To Create a Spa Day at Home

How To Create a Spa Day at Home

Whether you’ve had a long week at work, are exhausted from taking care of children or just need some time to yourself, a spa day is a fun way to refresh and recharge. Going to the spa is an option, but you may be looking for something more cost-effective. You might also just not feel like leaving the house.

Luckily, you can bring the spa to your bathroom, bedroom or living room and enjoy the peace and serenity you’re craving. From soaking your feet to applying a new, luxurious natural lip balm, there are many things you can do to have a fulfilling at-home spa day. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


1. Plan Ahead

The first step to planning an at-home spa day is making sure you’re prepared. Nothing can derail your relaxation like realizing you don’t have what you need and you have to run to the store. Decide when you’re going to do this, and make a list of items you will need. You can shop intentionally and choose natural, earth-friendly products. You may want to include the following:

  • Bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • Fresh towels
  • Body lotion
  • Face lotion
  • Lip balm 
  • Bubble bath 
  • Aromatic candle
  • Hair mask
  • Face mask
  • Pumice stone

While shopping for spa-day items, make sure you also have other bathroom essentials to elevate your experience. A new comb or brush, shampoo bar, conditioner bar, all-natural soap, natural dry shampoo and other eco-friendly bathroom items may be just the ticket to having a little spa-day pampering throughout the week.


2. Clean Your Space and Gather Your Supplies

Figure out where you will do your spa day and ensure that the room is tidy and clean. A fresh space can help eliminate stress and distractions. Think of a place that is quiet, comfortable and peaceful. Try to avoid spaces like your home office, where you may experience stress regularly.

Before getting started, have all of your spa-day must-haves ready to go. Dim the lights, put on your favorite music, light a candle — do whatever will make you feel calm and happy.


3. Apply Face and Hair Masks

Before you get into a hot bath, you may want to apply face and hair masks. There are many types of face masks, including sheet and mud masks. Be sure to browse different options because some masks are specially designed to calm stressed skin, and moisturize or minimize fine lines.

Hair masks typically come in a lotion-like lather that you leave on for 10-15 minutes. This type of mask is meant to moisturize and strengthen your hair, helping to combat dryness and breakage. After using a hair mask, your mane may look healthy and silky. Hair masks are usually applied once a month, so your spa day may be the perfect time to use one.


4. Run a Hot Bath or Shower

Part of your spa day should involve a hot bath or shower. Hot water can ease sore muscles and improve circulation. You may also notice that the heat makes it easier to take slow, deep breaths, which can be therapeutic for your mind and body.

While spending time in the tub, consider using an exfoliating scrub, soap or other products to remove dirt, debris and dead skin. Soaking in hot water can prep your skin for exfoliation and help it feel smooth and silky once you get out. If you opt for a bath, consider taking a quick shower afterward to rinse off any residue from soap or cleansers.


5. Nourish Your Hands and Feet

Our hands and feet take on a lot throughout the day, so it’s vital to focus on rejuvenating them as well. Hands and feet are particularly susceptible to dryness, and you may notice your skin cracking, which can be uncomfortable or even painful.

After your bath or shower, consider soaking just your feet in a foot bath. Soak your feet to soften your skin, then exfoliate with something like a pumice stone. Some footbaths even have heat, bubbles and massagers.


6. Moisturize

Using a nourishing moisturizer is key to an at-home spa experience. Once you’re dry, apply lotion to your body, paying extra attention to your hands and feet. 

Lotions come in many different scents and with varying ingredients. Be sure it’s a lotion that agrees with your skin. It’s a good idea to do a quick test before your spa day to avoid unexpected breakouts or irritation.


7. Get Cozy and Comfortable

Keep in mind that spa days aren’t only about caring for your body but also about caring for your mind. Make sure you’re as cozy and comfortable as possible with warm slippers and a fluffy bathrobe. You might even decide to cuddle up in a chunky-knit blanket when you’re done with your soak.

Think about what helps you wind down and prioritize it at the end of your spa day. Whether you love to read a book, listen to music or meditate in silence, give your mind the rest it deserves for an all-around serene experience.


Final Thoughts

For some people, it can be challenging to put chores and responsibilities aside to treat themselves to a spa day. However, you can set up a fantastic experience right from the comfort of your own home to get a mental and physical reset. Think about setting up a designated day each month to have an at-home spa session. Your spouse or a friend may want to join in on the fun. No matter what you decide, focus on what will make you feel your absolute best.


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