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8 Ways To Have Fun With Your Toddler This Winter

Winter flurries are always more fun when you share them with your toddler. From the wonder of new-fallen snow to the excitement of sledding, winter has a lot to offer kids of all ages. All you need is a wintry landscape, your toddler and your imagination to transform winter into a wonderland. Gear your child up with some warm toddler clothes to make the most of your outdoor time. 


1. Reindeer Games

How cold is too cold for outdoor fun? Temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit should be your cue for staying indoors. 

When you and your toddler are ready for snow games, make sure to dress wisely. For example, layer your son up in toddler boy clothes like a long-sleeved bodysuit, a sweater and sweatpants, warm socks, fleece-lined boots and a snowsuit. You can adjust his outfit as necessary to make him comfortable. Once you’re suited up, try some of the following outdoor activities: 

  • Hunting for animal tracks in the snow
  • Making snow angels
  • Sledding together on gentle slopes
  • Building a snowperson
  • Playing freeze tag


2. Bonfire

Gather the family around your outdoor firepit on a winter evening for a bonfire. Once an adult has the fire going, your toddler can help bring out the cocoa and s’mores fixings. Make the most of your family time with guessing games, songs and stories. 


3. Scavenger Hunt

This is a great winter adventure, whether you play in the house or outside. Make a short list of easy-to-find objects, and then join your toddler in the search. Put a seasonal spin on your list of items with a snow theme. For example, an outdoor scavenger hunt list includes: 

  • Pine cone
  • Snowball
  • Bird feather
  • Rock
  • Leaf

In the house, the list will look a bit different. During the holidays, for instance, you could include an ornament, a cookie, a candy cane, a cinnamon stick and a stuffed animal. Reward yourselves when you’re through with a wintertime treat. 


4. Decorate Cookies


Gear your holiday baking to your toddler’s skills and attention span. Decorating cookies together is a creative activity that could become a winter tradition in your home. 

Have the cookies pre-baked and ready for decorating. Have a mixture of healthy and not-so-healthy decorations in small bowls that your child can help arrange on a table. Some great choices include frosting tubes, raisins, small candies like gumdrops, mini marshmallows and dried cranberries. 


5. Build an Igloo

Another great indoor or outdoor activity is making an igloo. You and your child can use building blocks on the kitchen floor or make them in the backyard from snow. Whichever method you select, it will help your toddler learn critical skills like problem-solving and basic math

To build a snow shelter, pack a child’s plastic bucket with snow to make building blocks. Place them in a small circle for the igloo’s foundation, and build upward and slightly inward from there, packing the crevices with snow. 

Keep in mind that temperature changes can weaken the igloo, making it unsafe. Always supervise your toddler when playing in and around the structure. 


6. Family PJ Day

When the weather outdoors is frightful, what’s more delightful than pajama day? It’s a warm and cozy way to enjoy a weekend afternoon with your family.

Outfit your daughter with comfortable toddler girl clothes that keep her comfy and toasty despite what’s happening beyond your front window. Some of the activities that are more fun in PJs include: 

  • Reading favorite picture books
  • Telling holiday stories
  • Playing board games designed for toddlers
  • Working on floor puzzles
  • Picnicking in front of the fireplace



7. Santa’s Crafts Workshop

Toddlers often love to dress up, so tap into that tendency with a felt elf hat for each participant. Your child can help set up the crafting corner with paper, scissors and glue. 

Make festive paper chains to adorn your staircase with strips of colorful construction paper and glue. Spray pine cones you’ve gathered outside with glue, then dust them with glitter. You can craft little gifts like holiday cocoa stirrers by dipping candy canes in chocolate and crushed peppermint sand. 


8. Decorate for the Holidays

Include your toddler in holiday preparations, especially when it comes to decorating. Your child can help arrange unbreakable items like wooden nutcrackers and creches, pick out and place window cling adornments and choose some festive touches for their own spaces. 


9. Target Practice

If you are playing outside, try this fun pastime. Have your child help draw a target in chalk on your fence. Help fill up a bucket with snowballs, then take turns with your child trying to hit the target. 

Indoors, you can do something similar with a paper target you tape up on a wall. Instead of snowballs, use soft beanbags or other small, squishy projectiles. It’s a game that helps your child develop nascent motor skills, learn to cooperate by taking turns and practice good sportsmanship. 


Together Time Makes the Best Winter Memories

With the right clothing, you and your toddler can have loads of fun indoors and outdoors this winter. All it takes is some imagination and some generosity with your time. Even if it’s the holidays, remember that interacting with your child is the most important thing you can do to make warm memories that last a lifetime.


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