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Fireplace Glass Doors Are Better Than Screens and Here’s Why

Fireplaces come with several accessories to choose from when purchasing them. Two of the main ones include screens and doors. These are some of the more important accessories that everyone should get when they have a fireplace or planning on getting one built into their homes. 

Not only do they main the safety of the fireplace as well as the people around it, but they are also good for the overall health of the unit. The thing to note is that both of these do not serve the same purpose. We will be explaining this below as well as highlighting why the doors are a better option for you.


The Difference Between Fireplace Screens and Doors

The screen is usually comprised of a wireframe with a mesh and is placed in front of the system to create a barrier between the unit and the rest of the room. Two of the more common metals that are used to make them are either bronze or iron. 

The wire mesh is usually made out of perforated metal or woven wire. To understand how they are created, this online source can help give you some more information.

On the other hand, the difference between these and the doors is that the doors are manufactured using a thicker and much tougher glass panel. They also serve as a barrier, however a more robust and safer one as it is more solid.


The Purpose of Glass Doors 

Helps to keep you safe: The two serve an essential purpose, and the main one is to keep people safe from the fires heat, sparks, and crackling, as well as keep the floor from getting spoilt especially if you have a carpet.  Fireplaces are known to produce a lot of heat, and can easily burn you if you touch them or stand too close to them.

Homes that have children should especially invest in these for their open indoor open fires. They provide that extra layer of protection that many others with a screen, do not. If you have a wood-burning system or a gas unit, the glass provides a safety measure and helps to clock any embers that could potentially be a fire hazard.

Acts as a decorative element: in addition, they can also provide a decorative element to the space because they come in various designs, colours and sizes. If your fireplace is your centerpiece, it can enhance the look of it and help to bring the room together in a warm manner. You can choose from simple designs to more elaborate ones. 

Along with the necessary tools, such as a brush, tongs, a poker and those mentioned here: https://www.firebacks.net/blog/which-fireplace-tools-do-you-need having the right doors can make a world of difference and help things tidy as well. When not in use, it can also come in handy to store your unused logs and keep them away from children who may want to play with them.

Doors tend to be a much better option when faced with the choice of a screen or a fiberglass door. In addition to the above, they also contribute to the efficiency of energy within the system. These doors can be opened and closed, and the rule of thumb is when the fire is dwindling, to keep the door shut, s it retains the heat and doesn’t allow the wood to burn out. 

This will keep the warmth inside the room for much longer, making it cost-effective by not having to use up all your burning alternatives such as wood or coal, in a short period and prolonging the advantages. There are also fireplace glass doors with blower that come with it, to help keep the flames burning for longer. During the summer months, cool is also trapped in the fireplace helping you to keep cool during the hot months.

When you have an open system, it will die out your fire very quickly. Not having these doors will be a frustrating experience as the heat will be wasted and you will continuously need to feed the fire. But with the doors, you can keep things going for longer, as well as enjoy the warmth and comfort without having to man the wood every couple of minutes, which spoils the relaxation aspect of things. 

As a good long-term investment, getting an enclosure will help save you a lot of hassles in the long run as well as unnecessary costs of wastage of resources and materials. With all these benefits, what are you waiting for? 

This is the simplest and quickest way to not have to invest in a different unit because yours is not working properly. If you have a chimney, and an existing fireplace already in your home, getting the right accessories for it will also add value to the home. 


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