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Although many people require professional medical care, the cost of such—particularly surgery like a Pro bono —can be tremendously expensive. Even for those who have health insurance, there are countless expenses to be paid out-of-pocket, including co-pays, deductibles, and coinsurance. 

Luckily, there are doctors out there who are stepping up to provide pro bono care. Dr. Andrew A. Jacono is a renowned plastic surgeon who has not only pioneered facelift surgery, but who also volunteers his expertise to those in need.  

Why Is Medical Care So Expensive?

While there are a number of reasons why medical care has become so expensive, one of the biggest factors is medical research. It is exciting when new operations and medications become available, but fresh technology always hikes up costs. 

The obvious drawback here is that those who do not have health insurance have fewer opportunities to receive the care they need, and even those who do have health insurance are forced to directly pay hidden expenses. Fortunately, doctors like Dr. Andrew A. Jacono are helping out.

What Are the Benefits of Pro Bono Surgery?

Dr. Andrew A. Jacono offers pro bono surgery to those who otherwise lack the resources. There are countless benefits to pro-bono medical care, one of which is that it breaks down financial barriers and allows people who cannot pay for a doctor’s help to get the care they require. Even better, when these patients are in good health, they drive down the cost of care for others, as they are more likely to stay out of the emergency or operating room. Furthermore, doctors working pro bono encourage other physicians to volunteer their time and expertise to worthy causes.

How Can People Save Money on Medical Care?

In spite of the increasing availability of pro bono treatment, there are still many people looking to save money on medical care. One of the most important things that these people need to do is visit their primary care doctor regularly. The reality is that it is less expensive to prevent a medical problem from occurring than it is to fix one that has already developed. This is why Dr. Andrew A. Jacono encourages everyone to visit their primary care doctor annually for a thorough exam. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly also reduces the chance of developing medical problems.

Looking to the Future of Medicine

Right now, there are as many people looking for ways to save money on medical care as there are people in dire need of medical assistance, whether this be in the form of primary care, urgent care, or even surgery. It is important for everyone to think about the ways in which they can help reduce the costs of medical care, and it is just as important to expect doctors, such as Dr. Andrew A. Jacono, to willingly provide affordable treatment. Everyone deserves to live with the reassurance that, if the need arises, they will have their health needs met.



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