Do Weighted Blankets Work?
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Do Weighted Blankets Work?

There has been a lot of press coverage regarding weighted blankets of late, thanks to the increased popularity in these interesting items. The questions most often asked are: what are weighted blankets for and do they work?

We took a look at some research into them, and it makes for interesting reading.

Before we talk about whether they do what they claim to do, a bit more about what they are used for.


What is a Weighted Blanket?

When we go to sleep we cover ourselves with blankets of a duvet. For some people – those who suffer from anxiety, insomnia and also for youngsters with ADHD and other such problems – getting to sleep can be very difficult.

The idea behind a weighted blanket is that it provides a feeling for the user of being cossetted, of additional comfort and security. This is thanks to the weight. 

Usually, a weighted blanket will resemble a regular one but will contain within it a number of pellets or discs made from plastic or other materials, providing additional weight.

Depending on the size and type the weight can be anything between 10lbs and 30lbs. To look at examples we suggest you visit TruHugs who are a lead supplier of quality weighted blankets.

The weight is designed to press down on the user evenly across the body, thus providing that desired secure feeling. 

Who uses weighted blankets, and is there any evidence that they work? Let’s have a closer look!


Do Weighted Blankets Work?

There has been plenty of research into weighted blankets and their effectiveness. The idea is drawn from a technique used in a therapy known as Deep Pressure Stimulation.

This involves applying pressure by hand to various areas of the body to stimulate the nervous system, and it is used to help with chronic pain, anxiety, and also depression.

It is a proven technique, and what the weighted blanket does is replicate it without the need for hands-on therapy.

These blankets have been shown to be effective in aiding sleep where it becomes difficult, namely in youngsters who are on the autism spectrum, those suffering from ADHD and also adults who suffer chronic pain and a number of other ailments, as well as those who find it difficult to sleep thanks to insomnia.

What is additionally interesting is that, where anxiety is concerned, the simple act of lying down can help alleviate the anxiousness. It follows that lying down while using a weighted blanket will help the problem further.


Are There Risks with Weighted Blankets?

The concept of a weighted blanket has few risks for adults and children beyond 2-years old, but should never be used on toddler and infants.

They are also not recommended for people who suffer claustrophobia, or who are asthmatic. 

Follow the general rule that weighted blanket should weigh the equivalent of 1/10th of your body weight and you should be fine, and you might find it is the answer that gets you the good night’s sleep you have been searching for.

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