5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Fashion Model

The fashion industry is stereotyped a lot, especially when it comes to dating someone in it. You may have noticed in movies or social media that models get depicted as having less intelligence because their primary source of income is to appear attractive. However, dating a model entails more than what the media show us. Your relationship with a fashion model can be more successful than with a conventional person if you understand its nature and complement each other’s values and way of life. You may question your choice of dating a fashion model due to the nature of their job, their high maintenance habits, and the tedious traveling. So, if you are second-guessing your choice of dating a model, you should look at the following reasons as to why you should.

1. Best tips on the latest fashion trends: 

Dating a fashion model means getting all the juicy insight and input on the latest fashion trend and gossip in the entertainment industry. Your model girlfriend will constantly keep you updated on what’s in and out in the fashion industry. She can educate you about what type of attire is suitable for different settings, events, and people, especially if your fashion sense is that of a 90’s teenager. For example, you may have a hard time buying something for a curvy lady friend or sister in your life. You may not even know the difference between plus size casual dresses for women and regular dresses. It is where your model girlfriend can advise you on how to stay on top of all the trends.

2. Traveling and adventure: 

One of the biggest perks of dating a fashion model is traveling around on exclusive sponsored trips. Fashion models, particularly highly successful models, usually do modeling in exotic and exciting locations. Beauty and clothing brands and other international sponsors usually choose extremely lavish places for fashion shows and shoots. You might end up becoming the plus one to most of these locations if you are dating a fashion model. Instead of being stuck at home and trying to figure activities both of you can do together, you can travel around and enjoy different countries. One week you might be swimming in the Caribbean, and the next, you might be cruising in the jungle for Versace’s next green theme. 

3. Perks of getting to know other celebrities: 

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Working as a fashion model means many perks, including sharing a social circle with famous people. They meet dozens of people, go to exclusive parties, and enjoy good friendships with many celebrities. As a fashion model’s partner, you can also enter this closed circle of celebrities and public figures. Since well-known fashion models come to red carpets, exclusive parties, openings, screening, and have special access to all the hottest clubs. You wouldn’t need to wait in lines or have a boring night out ever! Even though sometimes all the attention and the camera can be too much, you get to enjoy finer things in life with the person whose company you enjoy. Even though being connected to someone famous offers many perks. Still, they are superficial if you are not there for your partner. 

4. Financial stability: 

Not just fashion girls but ladies generally are high maintenance. Every girl wants to wear designer clothes, go to expensive restaurants, and enjoy high-end presents from her partner. However, sometimes keeping up with these demands can put a financial strain on the other person. One of the reasons you should date a fashion model is a financial stability and independence. They are getting almost all sorts of designer clothes and expensive accessories for free from their employer. They don’t need you to spend money on stuff they already have. It also creates balance in the relationship. They don’t expect you to fulfill their demands because they are already living the dream. The important thing is that you should make meaningful gestures of love now and then to keep things real. 

5. Updating your wardrobe and fashion sense: 

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You might be a person who pays no heed to how they dress and are low maintenance, but if you are dating a fashion model, then things might change. Models are typically very conscious about how they dress and present themselves, and they want the same for their partners. They have an image of living up to, especially if they remain in the eye of the camera most of the time. One of the benefits of dating a model in this regard is that you’ll always get a wardrobe update according to all the latest fashion trends. Famous models are constantly getting free samples and stuff from their sponsors, so you’ll never run out of all the hottest stuff. Your model girlfriend will always ensure that you are dressed appropriately for every occasion to reflect well on her. Don’t we all want someone who can pick outfits for us every day? 


People in the fashion industry, especially models, are judged harshly based on their jobs and priorities. Suppose by any chance you are dating a fashion model and worry about their lifestyle. In that case, you need to look at the above reasons why it is better to date a model. The important thing is that you and your partner understand each other enough to enjoy the perks that come along with dating each other. Suppose you have the patience to deal with a model’s unpredictable work schedule, traveling perks, free fashion advice, and no waiting in club lines. In that case, you’ll have a great relationship with your model girlfriend. 


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