What to Bring for an Outdoor Adventure

The great outdoors are calling!  Hundreds of thousands of people are answering that call this year, but most of us don’t have much experience out in the world.  If that sounds like you, and you want to get to know the great outdoors a little better: here are five necessities to keep on hand.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Sunscreen and bug spray are necessities that can’t be overlooked anymore.  If you’re going camping or hiking, these are necessities.  Mosquitoes and ticks can carry diseases that wreak havoc on our bodies, and sunburns can heighten our risk of skin disease or cancer. So bring both of these for protection, or a product that combines the two, and protect yourself so that you can have fun without being in pain from sunburn or itchy from bug bites.

Water and Snacks

An impromptu picnic has a draw of its own, but you should have food available regardless of whether you want to hunker down for a snack.  Dehydration can set in quickly, especially if you’re spending time working out and doing physical activity. Being hungry will stop you from being able to regain energy or go very far. You can also bring a portable fan with you to keep you cool on your camping trip.

Pack at least a couple of bottles of water per person and some protein and calorie-dense snacks that will keep you full and energized.  If you feel yourself getting weak, take a break and don’t go too hard on yourself.  

A Plan

Whether you’re the type of person who has to look at hundreds of Banff homes for sale before you settle on the one you like, or if you go for one of the first ones you see: a plan matters.  Take the time to choose what paths you’re taking if you’re hiking, what guides you might need if you don’t know the area, and what modes of transit you want to take.  Although there’s a lot to be said about the fun of spontaneity, a plan will keep you safe from getting lost.  Hundreds of people disappear into national forests because of how vast and unmapped they are.  Don’t let yourself become one of these people.

Extra Phone Charger

Our phones are more than just a simple convenience in modern times.  Thanks to their connection to the internet, these devices are our one-way connection to every map available to man, the ability to contact emergency numbers, and the ability to get found if we get lost.  Unfortunately, the battery life of the average cell phone is woefully low.  Bring a couple of extra external batteries for your phone to charge when it starts to get down.  If you get lost, you must make these last as long as possible and avoid wasting the power of using them for useless apps or games.

A Friend

Going camping and traveling alone has become increasingly popular in recent years.  Unfortunately, that takes away a layer of protection we would have otherwise.  Take someone with you so that you don’t have to do this trek alone.  This person doesn’t have to be your best friend, just someone you trust who is also eager to get out and go camping or hiking in unfamiliar areas.  Have fun getting to know the land together!


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