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The new life with a mask

The regulations to contain and give time for researchers to discover how the Coronavirus really acted, made the use of masks become mandatory. The use of masks became mandatory in public spaces for all people not exempt due to age or health issues if the required safety distance of two meters could not be guaranteed.

The reality is that the scare with the arrival of the COVID-19 and the accelerated number of contagions in an exponential way, helped this essential necessity disappear from the available points for purchase. Its use is still essential, both for society and for professionals who are working hard to save lives and keep hospitals in condition for everyone to have access to healthcare. Governments see them as the only momentary way, along with social distancing, to contain the virus. 

While studies are being done on the virus, how to contain and combat it more effectively, Skokka, with the support of the professional escorts in Leicester, continues to affirm that it is necessary to stay healthy and safe. The mask has become an essential accessory in the daily life of almost everyone around the world.

Therefore, there are some points that need to be clarified so that its use can be more than just an accessory of visual and aesthetic impact, but of real value to combat that virus that is still changing the course of the world.

More than a passing trend, it comes to stay

The pockets of couples or friends, really are full of everything, the bags of the hot escorts in Trivandrum, also are a walking wardrobe with anything they can need, from medicines to makeup. Women are usually prepared with their day-to-day survival kit. Now, also with this new essential accessory, the mask. 

It’s a little curious, maybe complicated, to understand how it can work without too much hassle. It’s when people think about flirting in a nightclub with a mask, for example. Do you always have to wear it? How to drink a few beers if it is advisable not to touch the face to avoid contamination? Those are some questions that arise from the situation.

Just as the term “obligatory” has been established for its use, there are also several points where exceptions can be seen, among which are health reasons for respiratory problems or even the development of activities in which, by its very nature, its use is incompatible. 

This is where the answers to some of the previous questions are given. Yes, people can go jogging or riding a bike without the requirement to wear them, and that’s when this obligation stops being enforceable and becomes a little more compromising.

It can be a challenge not to have escorts around, but with hygiene and all care, it is possible. Everything in humanity is a matter of adaptation, that’s what history tells us, and human beings have an incredible power of imagination. 

The adaptations are going to come very slowly, although the masks are already presented of all kinds, shapes, patterns, fabrics and effectiveness to contain the viruses and dirt that the air can bring. After all, Skokka prefers to continue reinforcing that everything is for a general good as well as for oneself!

Adaptation to the use of the mask: The new challenge

The use of masks was only common in Asian countries such as China, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. The faces covered in the media channels and among groups of tourists who stroll through cities have long been seen.  

Besides being a symbol of the fight against air pollution, it has gained strength as an act of solidarity since the SARS epidemic in 2003 and the whole picture of health problems that an environment with a large population and climate change can present.  

In addition, the mask becomes a fashionable accessory at the same time that it leads to social responsibility. It is a measure for diseases to lose strength at great potential, changing a possible picture of many other problems that may appear. 

Its use is so important in times of uncertainty that it causes different cultures to stop associating the image of the mask as part of a process of illness. It is when, for example, in Europe, it reinforces the “masked face” as a tool to avoid minimally that there are many more contagions.  

After all, it is a new phase, of these permanent ones that generate doubts and sometimes, some fears. It’s normal, nobody said it would be easy, but in the end, living in society means always looking for a balance, so that everything works well or in the best possible way.


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