Which Season Suits Your Personality?

Which Season Suits Your Personality?

Character traits aren’t all that different from the seasons in the sun. We help you find out which weather you take after.

Maybe you love the feeling of the morning sun on your face, but your personality screams monsoon. Perhaps watching raindrops falling on your window gives you joy, but you’re winter at heart.

Confused? Take this quiz to find out how your personality matches a season.

Spoiler alert: it may not be your favourite one.


1. What are you most likely to do on a weekend?

  1. Paint the town red with the girls!
  2. Head out to the wilderness, on a trek or a safari.
  3. Curl up with a good book and unwind.


2. If you had to drink only one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?


  1. Nothing beats good old lemonade.
  2. A steaming hot cup of chai.
  3. Coffee, duh. No two questions about it.


3. At a party, you can be found…

  1. Everywhere! I had to be the life of the party, always.
  2. Hanging around with my friends and meeting new people.
  3. I’ve mastered the art of hiding in plain sight, so only my besties can see me.


4. Describe your ideal holiday.

African safari

  1. Bali, Mauritius, the Maldives, the beach is where I’m at!
  2. African safari or a trek in Peru. If it’s out in the wild, I’m there.
  3. Concrete jungles only, please. Newyork, London, Hong Kong…you get the drift.


5. Do you find it easy to make new friends?

  1. It’s second nature to me. The world is full of amazing people!
  2. Once I find something in common with someone, we’re inseparable.
  3. My inner circle is sacred. It takes time to get in.


6. What does your desk at work look like?

Office Desk

  1. What desk? I lost it beneath a pile of assorted belongings a long time ago.
  2. Um, it depends. It might be clean in the morning, but things just keep appearing through the day.
  3. Everything, including the framed family photo, has a place and I like to keep it that way.


7. What is your approach to dating?

  1. I’m a veteran. Social media, dating apps, speed dating, blind dates…done it all.
  2. I prefer riding solo, but if I find someone along the way, that’s great.
  3. I leave it up to the universe. Things usually have a way of falling into place.


8. Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

Travelling the world, gathering new experiences and meeting cool people

  1. Travelling the world, gathering new experiences and meeting cool people.
  2. If I knew that, life wouldn’t be any fun, would it?
  3. Right where I am today, with my family and closest friends. I have all I need.


Mostly 1s

You’re a summer soul — free-spirited and experimental. You believe in living the best life to the fullest. But in your quest for all things new, don’t forget to appreciate the little things around you as well.


Mostly 2s

Just like the monsoons, you’re unpredictable and wild, but full of life. You’re a thrill-seeker and love breaking free from routines. You, however, can also be temperamental. Maybe you should learn to tone it down at times.


Mostly 3s

Your closest friends and family are the warm winter blanket you love holding on to. You appreciate me-time and prefer quiet moments to the constant buzz, but you could benefit from letting people past your walls more often.


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