What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy? A Quick Guide

Every year, around 1.3 million American women become menopausal, and most experience adverse menopause symptoms. 

Seeing as half the population goes through this change, it isn’t ideal that menopause treatments are so ineffective. Many women take synthetic hormones that give them another set of symptoms and are left unwell and unhappy. 

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Natural hormone replacement therapy can mimic the body’s biological signals. This can improve your health when you’re going through menopause. 

Read on to learn about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and how it can help you. 

What Is Replacement Therapy? 

In a broad sense, hormone replacement therapy is simply the supplementation of hormones when someone has a deficiency. 

In menopause, women stop producing as much estrogen; this is what causes menopausal symptoms. So replacement therapy involves supplementing with estrogen. Replacement therapy can be done with either natural (bioidentical) or synthetic hormones. 

What Are Bioidentical Hormones? 

Bioidentical hormones are a type of man-made hormone that is this closest form to the real thing. They mimic the actual hormone released by the endocrine glands. 

Although they are often quoted as ‘natural,’ they are still highly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can rest assured that they are safe and effective if they have FDA approval. 

Bioidentical hormones for menopause treatment are made from ingredients including soy and yams. 

What Symptoms Can It Treat? 

A deficiency of estrogen causes the main symptoms of menopause. Bioidentical hormones are practical for rebalancing your body. It helps with relieving the following symptoms: 

  • Hot flushes 
  • Vaginal dryness and changes to libido
  • Sleep disturbances 
  • Mental health problems
  • Memory and concentration difficulties 

Bioidentical hormone therapy may be the perfect option for you to deal with these symptoms.

Many women that don’t have success with or would rather stay away from synthetic hormones find this treatment very effective. 

How Does It Work? 

Regarding replacement therapy options, hormone pills for the buttocks are the most common delivery method for bioidentical hormones.

The necessary hormones, known as pellets, are put into the buttocks, and they will release hormones into your body over time. The amount of hormone released will depend on how deficient your body is. This individualized approach means that there are fewer side effects than synthetic methods. 

Bioidentical hormone therapy can last up to six months before needing to be replaced. 

Bioidentical Replacement Therapy for Easy Menopause 

So that’s a quick guide to replacement therapy and why it might be the best way to have an easy transition to a post-menopausal life. 

Whether you’re convinced about bioidentical replacement therapy or need to do some more reading first, it’s a revolutionary option that’s worth talking to a professional about. 

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