Top Tips To Minimize Bleach Breakage At Home

If you have ever bleached your hair blonde then you’ll know that while blondes do have more fun, it also takes a lot of effort to look after your bleached hair. One of the biggest issues that you’ll face after bleaching is that your hair may feel dry, brittle, and break easily. 

This isn’t a good trait, especially if you then need heat styling tools, such as this high-quality hair straightener. You need to use the right tools to get your hair style perfect. The good news is that it is possible, you just need a few tips to minimize bleach breakage first.

Why Bleach Breakage Occurs

Bleach is a powerful chemical that is used in a wide variety of situations. When you use it on your hair or products that bleach your hair it causes your hair to swell. This is necessary so that the bleach can get to the inner part of your hair and change its color. 

In short, it dissolves the melanin that gives your hair color. The amount of bleaching and how long you do it for affects the amount of pigment that is removed.

However, in accessing the center of your hair the bleaching process damages the protective coating and allows the water in your hair to escape. That’s why you end up with dry and brittle hair. 

The Right Product

If you use a high-quality product then it will contain nourishing agents and conditioners. These won’t stop the bleaching from damaging your hair cuticles but they will help to provide hydration and nourishment, which is key to keeping your hair strong.

Never Leave It In Too Long

If the instructions say thirty minutes then never leave it in longer than this, it will damage your hair. If the color achieved isn’t satisfactory then give your hair a break and repeat the process, it will be less damaging. 

In short, lighten your hair slowly over a few weeks if necessary. This is better for your hair and will help the lightening process seem more natural.

Avoid Washing Your Hair Before Bleaching

It is best to avoid washing your hair for one or two days prior to your bleaching. This will help to ensure the hair is coated in natural oil. You’ll find it reduces the amount of damage done by bleaching and the dryness afterward.


There are many ways in which you can hydrate hair, from adding a moisturizing cream to putting a few drops of oil in your hair. It doesn’t matter which method you choose, hydrating your hair will ensure it is protected against further dehydration. The oil will also help to seal the cuticle layer which will keep moisture and nutrition in your hair. That helps to prevent breakage as it makes your hair stronger.

Wash In Warm Water

After bleaching your hair is delicate. In order to prevent further damage make sure you rinse it in warm water. Even when you wash it you should use warm water and a quality natural product.


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