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Easy Ways That That You Can Take Better Care Of Yourself This Winter

Self-care is hard at this time of year. It’s tougher to get out of bed for that morning jog when it’s not light out yet. It can be difficult to resist the siren call of a takeout dinner when you’ve just got back late from work in bad weather. And if you are looking after anyone else, you know that it can be easier to go the extra mile for them and push your needs to the back of the queue. What we all need to remember as we head into the colder months is that taking care of your physical and mental health is crucial. We have seen during the pandemic how everyone has been pushed to the point of burnout, and if you are not taking the necessary steps to look after yourself, you could find yourself really starting to struggle.

Of course, it can be easier said than done, can’t it? In an ideal world we would have all the time in the world to prepare elaborate healthy meals every single night, and we could all head off to a spa resort at the weekend to disconnect from the world and relax. In the real world, things are a little different. That is why we all need to look for the easy ways that we can take care of ourselves. Those little adjustments to our schedules, those easy wins that can make us feel a whole lot better. Here are a few tips to help you.


Remember That Taking Care Of Yourself Takes Time

The first step in creating a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally, is recognizing that you need to create time to do so. An easy way to start is to sit down and look at your daily schedule. Is there any space that you can create? Is there anything that you would like to change? If you have a partner, remember that this is a team effort. Look at what responsibilities you can share to help even the burden and create time that’s just for you. 


Remember To Listen To What Your Body Is Telling You

Something that we have all been guilty of at one time or another is trying to force our bodies and minds into a pattern or routine that has been set by someone else. There is nothing more dispiriting than putting all that time and effort, not to mention money, into a health program that just isn’t working. 

One of the most important steps that you can take this winter is to remember that you need to be listening to what your body and mind are telling you. Take probiotics, for example. Many people out there have found that probiotics have been a huge help for their digestion and gut health. But what happens when you stop taking probiotics? Should you stick to a pre-prescribed plan even if it feels wrong? Dr. Ruscio is an expert who has written about the effect of stopping or cutting down, and you can find more information here.


Keep Talking About How You Are Doing

Many of us tend to shut down when we are having a hard time. We put our heads down and we get on with it. Maybe you’re struggling to keep up the exercise routine you set for yourself. Maybe you are worried that the changes you have made to your diet are not working as fast as you’d like. Maybe you are dealing with more stress than one person should take on all by themselves. No matter what it is, you need to remember that there are people in your life who want to help. 

We have all had a tough time with our mental health over the past eighteen months, but we have all got much better at understanding how to help. Sharing a problem may not solve it completely, but you will find that you are not alone. If you are finding that making healthier choices is a lonely road, why not ask a friend or family member if they would like to join you? Having someone to compare notes with and to challenge you makes a huge difference.  


Find A Way To Step Away

It isn’t always easy to carve out some time for yourself or to find the money for a vacation. But finding an hour or two a day, or an evening that is just for you, is important. Try to make sure that you are keeping your weekends for yourself as much as possible even if work is crazy. Think about limiting your screen time as we have seen that it does have negative effects. Avoid checking your work messages once you have signed off for the evening. Remember that even a night away somewhere could make the world of difference. Stepping away from the stresses of everyday life is a great way of getting some perspective and properly disconnecting. 


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