Three of the best ways to entertain yourself without leaving your home

The vast majority of the time we’re allocated for relaxing and unwinding is spent at home. While many people spend their time scrolling on their phone or watching TV, there are lots of more entertaining things you could be doing with this spare time. Here are three of the best ways to entertain yourself without leaving your home.

Play a game


For centuries, families and friends have been gathering together and playing games together to pass the time. Whether it’s an intellectual battle like chess or just a silly game of Operation, these are great ways to entertain yourself in your own home. The only problem is nearly all of these games require at least one other person to play with if not several other players. Luckily, as technology has developed, there are now lots of different ways to play these games without the need for anyone else to be in the room with you. For example, if you previously wanted to play a casino game, you would have either needed to visit your local casino hall or buy all of the playing equipment yourself and get a few friends around to play with you. These days, you can play all of these games is pretty much the exact same way by yourself thanks to the internet. There are lots of websites offering different versions of your favorite casino games. Some websites even allow you to try these games without having to deposit any money.

Be creative

Another great way to keep yourself entertained is to find a way to get creative. This can take so many different forms, so you’re sure to find a form of art you’ll enjoy. If you enjoy drawing, why not try creating your own artwork on canvas. If you simply enjoy coloring, there are now lots of adult coloring books that are a lot more complex than the traditional children’s versions. If you’d rather not create traditional art, why not try taking up knitting, cross-stitch, or felting little characters by teasing the material into different shapes. If you like working with much stronger materials, you could try using your woodworking skills to create a new piece of furniture.

Learn a new skill

If you find you have lots of spare time on your hands, you could use this time constructively to learn a new skill. One of the most popular new skills you can learn from your own home is a second language. There are lots of different devices you can access over the internet to help you with this difficult challenge. These include anything from podcasts, online videos, and even live tutoring and classes.

Once you’ve learned this new skill, you can even practice your second language by speaking to people in different countries by Zoom so you’re confident you’ll get it right when you get to the country that speaks that language.

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