The Most Popular Types of Designer Shoes

The demand for luxury brands of shoes has increased tremendously over the years. Even brands once built on other fashion items and clothing apparel have started to get into the designer shoe industry. 

Celebrities and athletes have also expanded into the business, either releasing their very own shoe lines or becoming brand ambassadors in lucrative deals worth millions of dollars.

Designer shoes are popular for their comfort, longevity, quality, and material value. Collecting them has become a common activity for many people, from sneaker-heads eager to get their hands on the next pair of Balenciaga sneakers to corporate business people looking for classy leather shoes and high heels. 

There is no shortage of styles, designs, customizations, and options for the mass market. From long-established Italian fashion houses to newer independent companies and designers, the sheer amount of product out there is staggering. 

Here is a list of the most popular types of designer shoes you’ll find in the market today.

Versace Designer Shoes

Versace is undoubtedly one of the most established and popular brands on the market. Versace shoes have it all, from sports apparel to smart-casual and business-casual designer shoes. Some of the shoes you’ll expect to find from Versace include:

Trigreca Sneakers

This line of Versace shoes is built for athletes, made with quality materials to maximize comfort, performance, and durability. And because it’s Versace, these sneakers are very stylish too. They come in a range of over a dozen different colors and stylized patterns.

Loafers and Moccasins

Designed for class and style, Versace loafers and moccasins are made from the finest leather, suede, and velvet to make shoes that are as comfortable as they are good to look at.

Footwear for Women

Versace makes almost every type of women’s shoes. They include sandals and flats, pumps and mules, platform heels, and a dedicated luxury sneaker line made in Italy known as Chain Reaction.

Alexander Wang Shoes

Alexander Wang is one of the most recognized designers of the past decade, made popular by actors and musicians who have purchased or promoted his line of products. 

His designer products are known for their minimalistic, practical designs, and he mostly caters to women’s footwear. Recently though he has gone into the sneaker industry, partnering with Adidas for a range of designer sneakers.

The brand also offers a wide range of sandals, mules, and pumps, with sleek elegant designs. Alexander Wang Boots range from rugged, workmanlike types that are rugged and durable, to more fashionable thigh and knee-high designs for stylish wear.

Christian Louboutin Shoes

Christian Louboutin is another very famous brand in the designer shoe industry. This French designer’s most popular creation is the “red bottom” line of heels, so-called because the soles of this luxury high heel are painted a rich crimson. 

It’s no surprise that they are the brand’s best-sellers. since they are among the most coveted pair of heels in the world. The signature red-bottom heels are an iconic fashion symbol of luxury and style. Christian Louboutin pumps are known for their expensive and delicate materials.

Like many other designers, Louboutin has also gone into the luxury sneaker market. The brand’s massive line of flat and high-top sneakers is colorful and vibrant, with a growing range of formal lace-ups, boots, and loafers too.

Jimmy Choo Shoes

Known for his bridal boutique sets, Jimmy Choo is yet another big name in the designer shoe business. 

Ladies will be spoiled for choice with Jimmy Choo’s range of women’s designer shoes that include flats, pumps, sandals, bridal wear, and casual sneakers. 

As for the men, Jimmy Choo boasts of an impressive range of designer sneakers called the Diamond set, with variants for strictly athletic purposes as well as those for casual events, like the Kato and Hawaii lines. 

They also have moccasins, dress shoes, and limited edition Timberland boots for those who prefer a more rugged look.

Gucci Designer Shoes

Gucci is a brand that is synonymous with luxury, and its line of designer shoes is no different. Focusing on classy, simple designs, Gucci is popular with everyone from businessmen to entertainers to supermodels. 

When it comes to sneakers, Gucci tennis shoes come in high-top and slip-on varieties, with their classic design calling back to a simpler time. They are both comfortable and reliable. The Ace line of sneakers is perfect for a toned-down smart-casual style. 

For those who want a bit more style and color on their footwear, Gucci’s line of Rhyton sneakers with custom prints and designs will serve them well. Easily recognized by the iconic double G, Gucci loafers exude class and sophistication. They come in all types of colors and are made from the best quality Italian leather. 

Prada Designer Shoes

Prada has become an increasingly popular brand in the designer shoe industry in recent years, largely thanks to some good promotion work from an ever-growing number of influencers in the music industry who have developed an affinity for their sneakers. 

In fact, Prada’s line of designer sneakers has overshadowed its more traditional leather-lace ups and dress shoes. Currently, their most popular line of sneakers is the Cloudbust which comes in dozens of different color combinations. Their unique chunky appearance and blend of bright colors make them stand out right away.

Prada also has a budding line of combat boots made from finely brushed and polished leather, as well as formal dress shoes.


More Fashion Designers Are Making Shoes

With the demand for designer shoes growing each year, and with luxury fashion brands steadily crossing over into the mainstream, more and more fashion designers continue to venture into this niche. Brands that were once solely dedicated to dresses, handbags, and accessories are launching lines of designer shoes almost every day.

Many celebrities such as athletes and entertainers are collaborating with big-name brands and fashion houses to produce high-end luxury shoes, whether it’s for athletic purposes, collectors, fashion shows, or just everyday use. 

Thanks to promotion from musicians, actors, and other entertainers the hype around these brands continue to grow, and with it, the consumers. 

Designer shoes are now a must-have luxury fashion item, without which no wardrobe is truly complete. This article offered a glimpse into some of the most prominent brands in the industry, but there are many others out there just waiting for their moment to go from obscurity to the mainstream.




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