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Dress For The Job You Want

We’ve all heard it before “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” But where did this expression come from? And is there much truth behind it? We decided to look into the phrase to find out the true meaning behind dressing for the job you want. 



Fashion Designer

Let’s begin by asking, where does the idea of dressing for the job you want come from? This quote can be found in the book Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon. Since its publication in February 2012, this piece of advice has continued to inspire people in aspects of their career. From women’s tops in a working wardrobe to being more creative in the office. 


Appearance Goals

Of course, you can find flaws in this piece of advice. If you want to be a doctor, you’re not going to walk around wearing scrubs all day. Or there are some jobs that don’t have an obvious dress code. The statement is more so about making your wardrobe match your aspirations. For instance, you can look at your senior management and see what they’re wearing. Take your appearance seriously. This follows the advice of treating every day like a job interview and setting a good impression. 


Taking Action 

How can you put both of these pieces of advice into action? This will depend on your workplace and the dress code you have to abide by. What you’re wearing can say a lot about you. Pay attention to the small details of your outfits. From the fit of the clothes to whether you’ve got your sleeves rolled up. It’s all about looking confident and feeling comfortable. You should always hold your work wardrobe to a high standard because it can affect people’s impressions of you. 


Career Impact

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On that note: how much can your outfit impact your work? A survey by CV-Library found that over three-quarters of Brits believe their appearance can affect their career prospects. One in three said it could impact a promotion. From confidence levels to how your colleagues see you – lots of people believe appearance can make a difference. While it’s important to dress appropriately for work, your main priority should be doing a good job. 

‘Dress for the job you want’ started off as a piece of creative advice and continues to inspire people to this day. How important do you think your work wardrobe is?




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