Resolutions Analysed!

Resolutions Analysed!

What do the New Year’s resolutions you make or decide to break, say about your personality? Let this quiz help you find out.

Sometimes you follow through with them, while sometimes try are forgotten.

From short-term goals to long-term aspirations, New Year’s resolutions can vary, but they say a lot about your personality.

Take this quiz to find out more.


What is the first thing that comes to you when you think of New Year’s resolution?

Resolutions Analysed!

A. I will make something from scratch.

B. I will solve a particular scientific or mathematical problem that hasn’t been solved yet.

C. I will learn a new musical instrument or a new dance form.

D. I will volunteer for an NGO.

E. I will start my own business.

F. I will set out a systematic schedule that ensures optimum results.


How do you make note of your resolutions?

Resolutions Analysed!

A. Note them down in the notes app of my phone.

B. My tablet has all my records, so will add it there.

C. Vision boards — with a good balance of copy and photos!

D. I will share it with my friends and we’ll help each other stay on track.

E. I will have my assistant make notes in my schedule.

F. Spreadsheets.


How often do you follow through with your New Year’s resolutions?

Resolutions Analysed!

A. I only set new year’s resolutions that I can follow through with.

B. If the resolution deals with numbers and figures, it’s easier.

C. If the resolution involves some repetitive activity, I tend to let go.

D. if it helps people, I follow through. If not, well…

E. If my first resolution falls through, I have plan B, C, D.

F. I factor in enough time to ensure I stick to the resolution successfully.


How many New Year’s resolutions do you take in a year?

Resolutions Analysed!

A. Just as much as I can handle.

B. Three to seven. The more the number of resolutions, the higher the probability of success.

C. As many as I can try to do.

D. It helps people, more, but otherwise just one.

E. As many as I can succeed with.

F. Two. this allows allocating fair time for each resolution.


If you don’t manage to complete a resolution, what do you tell yourself?

Calendar is kept on a table with two golden coloured pens and some pins.

A. It is unlikely to happen, but it will be due to unforeseen circumstances!

B. Most of the ones I resolved to work on were completed, so one not working is okay.

C. It required too much organisation and scheduling.

D. Sad that I could not come to someone’s aid in time as my resolution didn’t pan out.

E. Not to worry, my alternate plans will work out.

F. How did it not work out despite all my planning?


The Breakdown

Three women at a party celebrating new year.

Mostly As: Realistic

You see yourself as practical, mechanical and realistic.

You like animals and machines and you value practical things that you can see and touch.


Mostly Bs: Investigative

You see yourself as precise and scientific.

You like to study and solve scientific problems and you generally avoid leading or persuading people.


Mostly Cs: Artistic

You see yourself as independent, original, and expressive.

You like creative activities like art, drama, crafts, or writing and you avoid repetitive activities.


Mostly Ds: Social

You see yourself as trustworthy, friendly, and helpful.

You like to help people by teaching, nursing, or solving their problems.


Mostly Es: Enterprising

You see yourself as sociable, ambitious, and energetic.

You like to persuade and lead people and you value success in politics, business, or leadership.


Mostly Fs: Conventional

You see yourself as orderly.

You are good at following a set plan and you like to work with numbers or records in a routine and systematic way.

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