The Importance of Physiotherapy in Women’s Health
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The Importance of Physiotherapy in Women’s Health

Physical therapy, or physiotherapy, is a health treatment for developing, promoting, restoring, preventing, and maintaining the maximum functional ability, movement, and rehabilitation of patients’ health throughout their lives.

It is not just concerned with the treatment of a disease but also the diagnosis and assessment of disabilities.

Physiotherapy helps in strengthening the muscles, reducing the pain, increasing the range of movement of joints, restoring flexibility and mobility, and maintaining the correct posture of the body.

It is done by a licensed Castle Hill Physio or physical therapist who is a healthcare professional.

Physical therapy has been practised for thousands of years now in treating disabilities and dysfunctions.

It is also used to help patients heal from traumas and accidents.

There were even signs of individuals who were being treated with physical therapy during ancient times. However, modern physiotherapy came into existence in the 19th century.

Physical therapy was first introduced in rehabilitating the soldiers during World War I in the US.

Today, physiotherapy or physical therapy has become an important health treatment and also a vital part of medical science.

Physical therapy is the most prescribed treatment in many health conditions and injuries.

Problems with mobility, sports injury, and chronic pain can all be restored with the practice of physical therapy.


Improves Range of Motion

Physical therapy helps you recover safely from an injury by treating the health condition in the range of motion, which affects your daily activities.

If injured, you are less capable of doing things without physical therapy. For example, pain and stiffness in the shoulder, which can lead to shoulder immobility, will be prevented if enrolled under a physiotherapy routine.

Physical therapy patients with problems of range of motion will return to their accustomed daily living and can also recover their mobility. 


Therapeutic Exercises

The Importance of Physiotherapy in Women’s Health

A physical therapist will give a patient some helpful therapeutic exercises to carry out at home in between appointments.

It is common among individuals to avoid physical therapists after learning some exercises from the first session.

But there is still a need to check the patient’s improvements and change the level of exercise as the treatment progresses.

A Castle Hill physio will also reduce the number of exercises if the patient is having difficulty.

With regular consultation and appointments, there will be progress and success in recovery. 


For Neurological Disorders

For patients with health conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease or have suffered from a stroke, physical therapy plays a big role in improving and correcting the damage.

The physiotherapy treatments will aid the shortage in mobility, body weaknesses, and deficits in gait, to end further deterioration and bring back natural functions. 


It Helps in Pain Management

Physical therapy will assist patients in dealing with chronic pain or pain caused by injuries and accidents.

The treatment will also aid in the improvement of quality of life so that patients can continue to live their day-to-day activities, such as their hobbies and sports. 

If your mobility or function has already been affected by a disease, pain, injury, disability, ageing, or long periods of inactivity, visit a Castle Hill physio now to heal your body over time.


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